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You probably know when your dog has a sensitive stomach, because you’ll notice signs of vomiting, diarrhea, excess gas, and/or loss of appetite. But you might not know what to do about it.

Before you resort to cooking custom meals for your dog, give our dog food toppers a try – they could be just the solution you need!

The Portland Pet Food Company Difference In Dog Food Toppers
The reason most people start cooking human food for their dogs with sensitive stomachs is to narrow the list of ingredients and control the quality of food. At Portland Pet Food Company, we’ve already done that for you. With our dog food toppers and dog treats, we use locally-sourced ingredients, most of which come from the Pacific Northwest. All of our products are made in the USA, at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

We believe that we make the best dog food toppers for sensitive stomachs, and here’s why…

Human-Grade Ingredients vs Feed Grade Ingredients
If you’ve been giving your pooch commercial dog food, there’s a good chance that “feed-grade” ingredients are in the food. While considered safe for animal consumption, feed-grade products aren’t as highly-regulated as human-grade foods, and they often come from rendering plants (which process diseased, dying, dead, and disabled animals). At PPFC, we only use human-grade foods and ingredients that meet USDA standards and have been declared fit for human consumption.

Gently Cooked Food vs Processed Food
The high-pressure processing that many commercial dog food brands use strips the ingredients of their nutritional value. Our dog food toppers are gently cooked, not processed, which locks in the nutrients of the whole foods we use.

Limited Ingredients vs A Multitude Of Indecipherable Ingredients
Because many of the vitamins and nutrients are destroyed in commercial processing, other dog food brands have to add vitamin packs, minerals, additives, and preservatives. This makes it hard to determine exactly what’s in the food you’re feeding your dog and virtually impossible to  tell what could be causing your dog to have a sensitive stomach. All of our dog food toppers and dog treats have limited ingredients – never more than 11 ingredients, all of which you’ll recognize and probably have in your own pantry!

Fresh, Whole Foods vs Cheaper Alternatives
We only use fresh, whole foods in our dog food toppers (such as peas, not pea starch). This allows dogs to get the full nutritional benefit of each ingredient, without the need to add synthetics.

Best Dog Food Toppers For Sensitive Stomachs
Our tasty dog food toppers come in five flavors:

Fresh Dog Food Toppers Subscription And Delivery Services
For your convenience, we offer a subscription service. You’ll save 25% on your first order when you sign up for our fresh dog food toppers delivery service, and 10% on all future orders. You can include dog food toppers and dog treats in your orders, and you can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time.

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