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 If you try to feed yourself the best foods that you can, why would you settle for anything less with your dogs?

 At Portland Pet Food Company, we make the best human-grade dog food toppers in the world and here's why:

  1. All of the ingredients in our fresh dog food toppers are sourced in the USA, most of them from the Pacific Northwest, near our headquarters in Portland, Oregon. This means we must abide to the US's high standard for pet food.
  2. We never use additives, synthetics, or hidden "mineral blends." What you see in our ingredients is what you get!
  3. Speaking of ingredients, all of our meals are truly limited ingredient. We never use more than 11 human-grade ingredients in our meals.

From The Beginning, We Wanted To Make The Best Dog Food Toppers

We started the company in 2014 because founder Katie McCarron’s senior dog, Rosie, had become a picky eater and was losing weight. Katie investigated the ingredients that were found in most canned dog foods and kibble and came to the realization that it was no wonder Rosie had lost her appetite. Many of the ingredients listed on the labels of the most popular brands of dog foods were impossible to pronounce, much less understand. Supplements, additives, preservatives, byproducts, and rendered foods were common ingredients.

Limited Ingredients In Our Human-Grade Dog Food Toppers
Compare that to what goes into our human-grade, fresh dog food toppers: chicken, turkey, beef, pork, salmon, potatoes, yams, rice, and other delicious whole foods. Our dog food toppers and dog treats have limited ingredients in them – some have as few as 3 ingredients, and none have more than 11 ingredients. Because of the limited ingredients, senior dogs with sensitive stomachs love them!

5 Flavors Of Human-Grade Dog Food Toppers
Our dog food toppers come in five delicious flavors:

Human-Grade Dog Food Toppers Delivery Service
We also offer a fresh dog food toppers subscription service. When you sign up for a subscription, you save 25% off your first order and 10% off all subsequent orders. The flexibility allows you to change your order, reschedule deliveries and even cancel your subscription!

Note that our dog treats are also made from fresh ingredients, which makes them the perfect dog treat for picky eaters.

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