Our Story

It all started with a dog named Rosie...

Designed for living.

Fully cooked and ready-to-eat. Our pouches are shelf-stable for two years, microwavable, Earth friendly, and BPA free. Take it on the go and em-BARK on your next adventure.

Ingredients You Would Eat.

We use all natural and local meats, vegetables, and grains. Human Grade. USA Sourced. No preservatives. No added hormones. No meat by-products. No rendered meats. Ever.

World-changing food.

5% of our net profits go to local non-profit animal shelters and programs, so you can feel good about every part of your purchase.

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Creating a sustainable food system, one partner at a time.

We support and sustain the local economy from the ground up. We source all ingredients from Pacific Northwest companies like Bob's Red Mill® and Cascade Farms, repurpose Portland breweries’ spent grains and enhance natural food techniques with the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center.

Portland Pet Food Company

Just ask the dogs!

Max is a high-maintenance food eater. But, he loves Rosie’s Beef n Rice. We definitely recommend portland food company because we have confidence our dog is getting fresh, healthy, nutritious food.

JR loves Tuxedo’s Tender Chicken mixed in with his dry dog food. He thinks it is so tasty and I’m confident that he is getting natural ingredients in his diet.

Riley loves the Brew Biscuits. After he eats it, he licks the floor forever to make sure he gets every crumb. And then he sniffs all over the area in case he missed anything. You have a winner!

I cannot say enough good things about Portland Pet Food! I care for a few dogs and all of them loved Rosie's Beef and Rice, even my pickiest pooch Tostie. We love our dogs like family and I'm so happy Portland Pet Food is a local company that provides fresh, nutritional food for our furry family members!

Rae & Kelsie C.

Tina F.

Beth S.

Polly C.

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