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Adam & Jojo

"Hello, I wish to notify you of a problem I have been having since I started buying Beef Broth Brew Biscuits for my dog Jojo. For several years, our morning routine has begun with me giving her a treat when I first get out of bed. She knows this, and before I started buying your product she would let me sleep until I woke up naturally. Since switching to your biscuits, Jojo is so excited to get one of her treats that she has been waking me up at 5:00 or 6:00, way earlier than is okay. She barks and whines and begs until I put my feet on the floor and head over to the kitchen. She goes crazy when I am opening the bag, then takes her treat in to the living room to crunch away. I cannot get her to resume her normal behavior of letting me sleep until 7:00 or 7:30, and I blame you guys for doing this to my dog and reducing my sleep! Anyway, I thought you’d like to know the effect your biscuits have had on two lives: a dog who is over the moon with happiness about her newly discovered crunchy treats, and a middle-aged man who is sleep deprived because of them."

Rachelle & her rescues

"We are a nonprofit senior dog rescue and and choose the salmon and rice mix for our sweet oldies that come in with skin and hair issues. They rehab so much more quickly!"

Tracy & Jack

"I stumbled upon Portland pet several years ago and I am so glad I did! I have a 19 and a half year old chihuahua that has been on a strict diet of Rosie’s. Salmon for at least 2 years. I use all of the rest of the flavors when I take in sick or hospice dogs. I just got a hospice dog yesterday and that is what prompted my email. He was not eating and I thought his time with me was short but tonight I busted out a pork and potato and he ate the entire pouch! Thank you from all of my babies that have thrived on Portland pet! I do share my experience with all of the rescue organizations I work with! I will forever have a stock of Portland pet at my House!"

Nancy G. & Ellie

Our 14 Year Old Dog LOVES This Food! So far Ellie, our 14 year old Cavachon, has tried 3 different varieties. She LOVES this food. She's always been a "grazer" - from the time we got her as a puppy. She never finished all of her food at once. Now she is such an eager eater. She sees me go to the fridge to get "the good stuff" and dances on her hind legs until I put it on top of her kibble. (I actually have to push her away so I can mix it in a little bit - she picks through her food to get all the good stuff first). She's definitely pooping a lot more, has a lot more energy & is more alert. Game changer!! Her hind legs aren't as strong as they once were, but she doesn't let that stop her, they slide on our floor, & she just goes into a split while she gobbles her food down …

Kendell & her 4 dogs

"I have 4 very different dogs, a Pitbull, Pekingese, Yorkie and Schnauzer mix. This is the first food I’ve tried that they all love. I use it as a mix-in for their dry food and they actually start crying and dancing while I’m making their bowls. And unlike some other foods I’ve tried, they haven’t gotten tired of it; every day they’re excited 😊"

Lisa & her Frenchie

"Our Frenchie has always been a super picky eater. I tried all kinds of food from kibble to canned, Farmers Dog to Ollie, raw food to home-cooked. And she has always turned up her nose after a short time. Then I somehow found Portland Pet Food company and ordered a few packs. Omg! It has changed our life! My pup goes crazy at mealtime and even goes back to her bowl over and over, licking it like she thinks it’s going to magically create more in her bowl! lol. She loves all the flavors and although the food is a bit expensive it is 1000% worth it. Not only is a good for her, but it’s good for me because it makes my life so much easier! Thank you Portland Pet Food Company! I’m so grateful! 🙏😍🙏"

Cassie & Bella

"I am writing to tell you about my girl Bella. Bella is a 15 year old mini doxie that I have had since she was 6 weeks old. She is my bff, my soul mate, and so much more. In September Bella suddenly began having stoke like symptoms, she was unable to walk without falling, her head was tilted to one side, she couldn’t coordinate her mouth/head to eat, and she could only turn to the left.

We saw our vet immediately. I was relived to find out that she had not had a stroke but rather another illness that wasn’t life threatening but meant her coordination issues would not likely improve much. This meant hand feeding her was going to be our new norm and finding a wet food was critical. We normally fed Fromm dry kibble, so I started with their wet food. Well…Bella wasn’t impressed, so I tried Weruva….nope, FirstMate…also nope. Evangers….no such luck. Kona and Liberty? Not a chance. One thing she would eat every day was homemade chicken and rice or steak and rice. It was then after spending a small fortune at Totally Pawsome that I saw Portland Pet Food Company food pouches. I bought them thinking she would find them as unappetizing as all the rest but to my surprise and delight she ate almost the entire pouch. She LOVED them…the Chicken and Yams is her favorite closely followed by the Beef and Rice. Now she doesn’t eat a whole pouch every time, but she definitely cleans her plate. I thank you for making such a quality product that even a lil’ old picky girl can find something she likes. She doesn’t have years left, so making her happy, and helping her live her best life is what matters to me. Keep up the good work!

These are just some of the 1000's of reviews we have received over the last decade.