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The original shelf-stable, fresh meal for pets

Our packaging is different than the others...and better.

Fact 1

Better nutrient retention

Retort packaging preserves the nutritional value, flavor, and texture of our pet meals. Compared to traditional canning methods, retort packaging uses milder heat treatment and shorter cooking times. This helps maintain the integrity of vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredient benefits in pet food, ensuring your pets enjoy a higher quality and more nutritious product. Retort packaging keeps your dog meals and cat meals tasting fresh and healthy.

Fact 2

Preservative-free, fresh meals

Retort packaging significantly prolongs the shelf life of our pet food products without needing refrigeration or added preservatives. By utilizing a combination of heat and pressure, retort packaging effectively sterilizes both the pet food and its container, making the contents shelf-stable for up to two years. This innovative packaging solution not only helps reduce pet food waste but also enhances the logistics of getting fresh pet meals to you, ensuring your pets always have access to safe, long-lasting meals.

Fact 3

More convenient

Retort packaging for pet food is fully cooked, lightweight, and easy to open. The flexibility of retort pouches and containers makes them incredibly convenient for storage, transport, and use. They are perfect for ready-to-eat dog and cat meals, offering a practical solution for today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Retort packaging provides convenience and versatility that fits modern pet owners' needs.

Fact 4

Better food safety

Gone are the days of concern about your pet food arriving defrosted or sitting in trucks during the summer heat. Retort packaging ensures that the pet food inside is completely sterile and free from harmful bacteria and pathogens. The cooking process involves sealing the dog meals or cat meals in airtight packaging and then cooking it at temperatures that effectively eliminates microorganisms that could cause food-borne illnesses, providing your pets with safe, ready-to-eat meals. This makes our packaging an ideal choice for ensuring pet safety.

Fact 5

Real environmental benefits

Retort pouches are made of thinner, lighter materials, reducing transportation costs and energy usage. They also generate less waste and require fewer resources to produce, contributing to a smaller environmental footprint. Choosing retort packaging helps you make a more eco-conscious decision, supporting sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint while providing high-quality pet food for your pets.

3 quick tips

Food stuck to the side?

Warm your last serving of our dog meals to get all the little bits out of the pouch!

Fill your cat meal pouch with a little water on your last serving to get all the goodies!

Zipper-free for you

We do not have resealable pouches as zippers on retort pouches often fail. Food gets stuck in them when serving and stops working. Use a clip or just stand up in your fridge!

One size only

Our pouches are 9 oz for dogs and 2.6 oz for cats. Our smaller size allows for lower cooking temperatures, meaning better nutritional value, and more flexible use. No more waste!

Recycling Program

Our pouches are recyclable via Terracycle