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Our Story

Mealtime isn't meant to be difficult.

When we needed a pet food that we trusted most, and that our senior dog would eat, it simply didn't exist. So we started Portland Pet Food Company.

Get to know the McCarrons


Rosie stopped eating

After 14 years of being a picky poodle, Rosie's eating became such a struggle that the vet gave her only 6 months to live. The McCarrons had shelves full of uneaten 'premium' pet foods that she turned away from. With a snowstorm approaching and Katie, mom of the family, out of options, she cooked the meal that would become Rosie's Beef N' Rice for the very first time. And Rosie ate.


Portland Pet Food Company is founded

Katie, now deep into research on the pet food industry, felt deceived by the very brands she trusted with her beloved dog, and suspected she was not alone. So she brought her idea for a pet food company to the family dinner table and decided to rent kitchen space. Recipes were crafted with guidance from a Vet Nutritionist and the OSU Food Innovation Center.


Farmers Markets and more...

Cooking in human-grade kitchens in Portland, Katie (and the rest of the family) started sharing her 1st batches of recipes with friends & family. The feedback was a hit! That fall, she hit the farmers markets with fresh baked biscuits and their original fresh, frozen meals.


First retailer

Portlanders were asking where they could get the biscuits and meals and PPFC found their first spot on a shelf at Zupan's Markets, a local premium natural grocery store chain. And they were just getting started!


Left frozen food behind...

Behind the scenes since they started cooking in 2014 was the desire to bring the original fresh frozen, gently-cooked meals into preservative-free, shelf stable packaging. And that they did! Becoming the first and only 100% USA sourced & made, shelf stable, and microwavable dog meal available.


Whole Foods and beyond

Portland Pet Food Company's unique and revolutionary pouch meals and treats were now available on over 300+ retail shelves including Whole Foods. They received the Oregon State University 'Family Generational Business Award' for their work as a family run business manufacturing in Oregon.


An industry impacted...

While shelves were getting emptied and others experienced supply chain issues, PPFC was proud to continue to easily supply stores and customers fresh, human-grade pet products as their entire supply chain operates within the USA, from farms, to cooking & baking, to your doorsteps across the country. They were named a Top 20 Sustainable Pet Food Company by the Pet Sustainability Coalition, expanded to Canada and Japan, and Katie McCarron was named a 2021 Woman of Influence by PetAge.


Cats joined the pack

The McCarron's senior cat Boots was diagnosed with kidney failure, Katie did the same as she had with Rosie. She went back to the kitchen to carefully craft two meals that would not only keep Boots going for another 2 years, but had her thriving better than ever before. The first two cat meals were launched in the Fall of 2022 in retailers across the country and online.

2023 & Beyond

Here for you

Continued growth at PPFC means easier access for you. While they are now available in 5,000+ stores, 4 countries, and online the quality of ingredients, product, and promise to deliver exceptional pet products to owners all over has not changed. They are here to support you in your own journey as a pet parent, reach out to whenever you need.