Friends of PPFC

Coalition Brewing Co.

Coalition Brewing Co. has been an integral member of the Portland Pet Food Company team since day one. When Katie decided she wanted to try making biscuits from spent grains, the lads over at Coalition were very excited to help. Check out their webpage and visit their brewery on SE Ankeny!


SP Provisions

When Katie set out to start PPFC she only wanted to work with the best ingredients possible. After many weeks of looking for a meat supplier in the Portland area, Katie found SP Provisions and their Cascade Farms brand. In business since 1880, SP Provisions has become the sole supplier of quality meats to many of Portland’s top restaurants, including the Heathman Hotel. On their website, SP Provisions describes their Cascade Farms line as “the finest handcrafted, natural meats from a select team of local growers.” This quote embodies the traits Katie was seeking when sourcing her meat. Check out their website and the Cascade Farms line here.


Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill has become synonymous with high-quality, all-natural flour since it’s founding right here in Portland, Oregon in 1978.  When it came time to decide on flour for making PPFC’s dog biscuits, the choice was easy for Katie.  She wanted a local, natural, high-quality product and no one fit the bill better than Bob’s Red Mill. Katie currently uses Bob’s Red Mill’s Rye Flour in PPFC’s line of Brew Biscuits, and Bob’s Red Mill’s Garbanzo Bean and Gluten-free Flour in PPFC’s Gluten-free Pumpkin and Gluten-free Bacon Biscuits. Check out Bob’s Red Mill’s website here.


Ground Breaker Brewing