Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth

When cold weather sets in or you’re feeling sniffly, a bowl of yummy chicken broth often does the trick in making you feel better. But what about dogs: Can dogs have chicken broth?

Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth
In short, the answer to “can dogs have chicken broth” is yes. However, like any other human food you might give your dog, it’s important to check the ingredients in the chicken broth to make sure that your dog isn’t accidentally eating harmful seasonings or additives.



How To Choose The Best Chicken Broth For Dogs:

When Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth

There are a few reasons why you might want your dog to have chicken broth. Your dog is sick and won’t eat: Oftentimes, when dogs aren’t feeling good, they’ll refuse to eat their kibble. Adding some chicken broth to the kibble, or serving the chicken broth by itself, is a great way to entice dogs to eat and get some nutrients and hydration. Plain rice is also a great food to give dogs with digestive problems and would be great served with some chicken broth! You want to add chicken broth to their bowl: Many dogs eat the same kibble for nearly their entire lives, so you might be looking to boost their bowl on a special occasion. Adding a few tablespoons of chicken broth is a great, low-cost, way to enhance the taste of kibble and make the meal special! Though, we think adding a few tablespoons of PPFC dog food toppers would be even better!

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How Much Chicken Broth Can Your Dog Have

In terms of how much chicken broth your dog can have, in general, any food or snacks outside of your dog’s daily meal should not comprise more than 10% of their daily intake of food. Be sure to check with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate amount of chicken broth for your dog. Overall, chicken broth is okay for dogs – a safe, healthy way to give dogs a boost of nutrients, keep them hydrated when sick, or to make them feel special every now and then. As long as you’re making your own chicken broth or buying a chicken broth that doesn’t contain any of the harmful additives mentioned above, it should be okay to give your dog chicken broth. As always, however, be sure to loop in your veterinarian to ensure that chicken broth is safe for your dog!