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How picky is your dog? Order our meal pack of five flavors of dog food toppers, and see which one your dog likes best!

How to get a picky dog to eat… whether you’ve been experiencing this problem for awhile, or it came on suddenly, you know how frustrating and concerning it can be when your dog won’t eat.

While some dogs will eat just about anything in sight, others are more fussy. We understand this all too well. In fact, the inspiration for Portland Pet Food Company came from a senior dog who had become a picky eater. Below are tips for how to get a picky dog to eat, and some of our favorite reviews from previously picky eater dogs who love Portland Pet Food.

Add A Dog Food Topper To Dry Food Or Kibble
A tasty, healthy, fresh dog food topper, added to dry food or kibble, can turn an otherwise bland meal into an enticing feast. We have five flavors of dog food toppers, made from whole, human-grade foods, including gluten-free and grain-free toppers. You can add the toppers to the top of dry dog food, mix them in with kibble, or even serve them as a rotational meal. 

A five-star review from a picky dog who is now eating Portland Pet Food dog food toppers.

Cut Back On Dog Treats
If your picky eater dog is less interested in meals, but still excited about treats, consider cutting back on or eliminating the dog treats.

Stop Offering Table Scraps
Most dogs – not just picky eater dogs – would rather eat table scraps than their own dog food. Table scraps are a hard habit to break (for you and the dog), but by taking away their “junk food,” you might find that they’re less picky with their dog food.

Set A Time Limit For Meals
One way to get picky dogs to eat is to make their dog food less available. Try to stick to a regular feeding schedule (e.g. once in the morning and once in the evening). But only offer the food to your dog for 15-30 minutes. If your picky eater hasn’t eaten any or all of the food in that time period, pick it up and try again several hours later or at the next regular mealtime.

Change Dog Food With Care
Picky dogs might stop eating altogether if you change their diet. When introducing a new dog food, consider a transition period of mixing the old dog food with the new dog food to make the switch more palatable. Our fresh dog food meal mixers are a great, gentle buffer to use while switching between primary proteins.

Experiment With Different Flavors And/Or Textures Of Dog Food
Picky eater dogs might have stopped eating because they don’t like the flavor and/or texture of their food. One way to get a picky eater dog to start eating more robustly is to try different flavors of dog food, toppers, and treats.

Move The Dog Bowl
Move the dog bowl, and you might just get your picky dog to eat again. For older dogs and dogs with back or spine issues, putting the dog bowl on a stand can make it easier for them to eat. For all dogs, finding a quiet, safe place to eat, where there aren’t any distractions, could help them eat more regularly.

Warm The Dog Food
Picky eater dogs might be put off by wet dog food that’s fed to them straight from the fridge. Warm their dog food, and it’ll help bring out the smell and taste. The only problem with that? With most brands and flavors of dog food, you won’t enjoy the smell of the food as it heats up in the microwave. At Portland Pet Food Company, we cook our dog food toppers in meal pouches, which locks in the nutrients of the whole foods we use. Conveniently, you can heat up the toppers in their meal pouches, on the stove in hot water or in the microwave. Depending on which dog food topper flavor you choose, you’ll be smelling turkey and yams, chicken and yams, pork and potatoes, beef and rice, or salmon and rice.

Rule Out Illness Or Injury As A Reason For Not Eating
The best answer to “how to get a picky dog to eat,” unfortunately, might be to take the dog to the vet for a check-up. It’s important to rule out illness or injury if your dog starts displaying less interest in food, particularly if the loss of appetite is sudden or if you see other signs of distress (such as a sensitive stomach, throwing up, or diarrhea).

We Love To Turn Picky Eater Dogs Into Healthy Eaters
Since 2014, we’ve been converting picky eater dogs into healthy eaters, thanks to our tasty and nutritious, fresh dog food toppers and dog treats.

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