Dog Food, Toppings, and Treats For Picky Eaters

Dog Food, Toppings, and Treats For Picky Eaters

At Portland Pet Food Company, we know all about dogs that are picky eaters! In fact, Kate McCarron, our founder, started the company in 2014 because her senior dog, Rosie, had become a picky eater and was losing weight.

Today, we carry a variety of dog food toppings and dog treats that are great for dogs who are picky eaters, including gluten-free options.

Why do picky dogs love our toppings and treats? Perhaps because they’re made from healthy, natural ingredients that make them extra tasty!

Dog Food Toppings For Picky Eaters

Our dog food toppings are packaged in meal pouches (convenient for travel) and are available in four flavors that picky dogs love:

Serve them as a meal, topping, mixer, or treat, and you might just find that your dog isn’t picky anymore!

Dog Treats For Picky Eaters

For most dogs, getting a treat is one of the best parts of the day! If your dog has always been a picky eater, or only became finicky more recently, try our delicious dog treats. Twice-baked in our ovens in Portland, Oregon, the dog biscuits have a light, crunchy texture. Easy to chew and break into smaller pieces, these dog treats are bound to become a favorite.

Our dog treats and biscuits are available in seven flavors dogs that are picky eaters love:

Our dog food toppings and treats are loved by many types of picky eater dogs, including:

  • senior dogs
  • dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • dogs that are underweight
  • dogs that are overweight
  • dogs that have allergies
  • dogs that have skin problems
  • dogs that are taking medications

Dog Food Subscriptions

For your convenience, we offer subscriptions for all of our dog food toppings and treats. You can choose the amount of dog toppings or treats that you want, and how often you want them delivered. We’ll take it from there – making sure that your orders arrive on your doorstep, on your schedule. At any time, you can change the schedule and/or skip a delivery. Subscribe today, and you’ll save 50% off your first order and 10% off all subsequent orders!