Grain & Gluten Free

Does your dog have a sensitive stomach, itchy skin and/or an intolerance for wheat? We have dog food toppings and treats that are 100% grain-free and gluten-free. Our gluten-free dog food toppings come in two tasty flavors, and our gluten-free dog treats come in three delicious flavors. We also have packs available.

All of our toppings and treats are made in Portland, Oregon, with natural, healthy products that are sourced in the United States. Loved by most dogs, our dog food toppings and treats are especially good for senior dogs and picky eaters.

Hopkins' Pork N' Potato Grain & Gluten-Free Meal Pouch
$ 6.99
Grandma Ada's Turkey & Yams Grain & Gluten-Free Holiday Meal Feast
$ 6.99
Grain & Gluten-Free Pumpkin Biscuit Dog Treats
$ 10.99
Grain & Gluten-Free Bacon Biscuit Dog Treats
$ 10.99
Grain & Gluten-Free Gingerbread Biscuit Dog Treats
$ 10.99
Grandma Ada's Pack
$ 17.00
Hopkins' Pack
$ 17.00

This is Real Food.

Ingredients You Could Eat

Gently cooked, ready-to-serve human-grade ingredients that dogs can't get enough of.

100% USA-Sourced and Made

Made with local meats, vegetables, and grains from partners we trust. No mystery ingredients. Ever.

Ethical and Sustainable

Ethically sourced ingredients, quarterly donations, and Earth-Friendly, BPA-free packaging.