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Many senior dogs with sensitive stomachs thrive on Portland Pet Food Company, in part because all of our meals are limited-ingredient, some with only five ingredients! Try our five-flavor variety pack and save 40% by using code TRYPPFC at checkout.

As dogs get older, their stomachs can become more sensitive and less able to tolerate certain ingredients. Unfortunately, many common brands of kibble and canned dog food exacerbate digestion issues due to the ingredients' poor quality. At Portland Pet Food Company, we know this firsthand. In fact, we launched PPFC because we needed a healthier food for our senior dog, Rosie (pictured below.) In 2014, tired of a lack of healthy options for Rosie, founder Katie McCarron set out to create something different - fresh dog food toppers made from human-grade meats, vegetables, and grains.

Below, we dive into everything you need to know about senior dogs and sensitive stomachs, including how to spot a sensitive stomach/digestive issues in your senior dog and how to potentially correct it through a change in diet.

Why Senior Dogs Develop Sensitive Stomachs

Dogs often develop sensitive stomachs as they age, sometimes even to dog food and treats that they have been happily eating for years. This reaction is caused by natural changes in dogs' ability to digest foods as they age. Just as their legs, eyes, and ears might not work as well as they once did, senior dogs’ stomachs and intestines might not break down and absorb nutrients as efficiently as they once did.

When senior dogs develop sensitive stomachs, they tend to eat less, which deprives them of necessary nutrients and causes them to lose weight. That’s why it’s so important to find a dog food that your senior dog will love, one which is full of nutrients. But how do you know if your senior dog has a sensitive stomach? Below, we dive into a few common signs of sensitive stomachs in senior dogs.

Cats With Sensitive Stomachs
We have cat food for cats with sensitive stomachs, too! Check out our salmon and pumpkin cat food and our chicken and pumpkin cat food.


What Is A "Sensitive Stomach" In Senior Dogs?

This term often describes specific digestive issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive gas. While this can happen in dogs of any age, it is most common in seniors and small dogs.

Sensitive Stomach Vomiting & Diarrhea In Senior Dogs

A common cause of vomiting in dogs is the expansion of dry dog food as its moistened by digestive juices in the stomach. While your dog is only eating the amount of food that makes them feel full, the juices cause it to expand in the stomach and the volume becomes too much to handle, leading to post-mealtime vomiting. This is especially common in smaller dogs, which have smaller stomachs and are less able to tolerate changes in food size. If your senior dog's vomiting is persistent and/or is accompanied by diarrhea or lethargy, they may have developed a sensitive stomach or have another health concern, and you should schedule a visit with your veterinarian.

In addition to vomiting, diarrhea can be an indication of a sensitive stomach in a senior dog. With dogs, diarrhea often accompanies a change in food, especially when transitioning from dry dog food to wet dog food. Oftentimes, it will resolve on its own as your dog adjusts to the new food; however, it can usually be avoided by simply following a slow transition to the new food to get them adjusted properly.

It Might Be Time For A Switch...

All of our Homestyle, Human-Grade Meals are formulated to be palatable and nutritious for your senior pups! Each meal is made with 11 or less ingredients, and you can pronounce them all! We gently-cook all our meals, which makes them easy to digest.

Sensitive Stomach Allergies In Senior Dogs

Senior dogs commonly develop allergies to specific proteins or grains, and symptoms might look like persistent scratching, rash, or digestive issues. If your dog appears to have a sensitive stomach due to an ingredient in their dog food or treats, you might need to try different foods with varying protein to determine which is best for your dog. Check with your veterinarian if you have trouble finding a dog food that suits your dog’s sensitive stomach.

The Perfect Fit For Senior Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

At Portland Pet Food Company, our meal toppers were made with senior dogs in mind. Our natural dog food toppings are palatable for aging dog teeth, are full of vitamins that help aging dogs, and are microwaveable to entice the pickiest eaters. Plus, because they are natural and made with ingredients humans can eat, they are highly digestible and easy on the stomach!

Human-Grade Meals & Healthy Treats