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Give your picky dog a meal to look forward to – add tasty meal toppers to kibble and dry food! We have 5 delicious flavors of healthy, fresh, human-grade dog food toppers, and you can sample them all in our meal variety pack with 20% off with code MVP20!

At Portland Pet Food Company, we often hear “my dog won’t eat kibble” or “my dog won’t eat dry dog food anymore,” and there can be a number of factors that could be causing this.

Let’s look at some of the most common reasons that could cause dogs to stop eating kibble or dry dog food.

Illness - Dog Suddenly Stops Eating
One of the primary reasons that dogs suddenly stop eating kibble or dog food is that they simply don’t feel well. They might be under the weather from GI issues, digestive troubles, or some other medical problem. Particularly, if their disinterest in kibble or dry food coincides with symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting, you should take them in for a vet visit. 

Dental Issues
If dogs have dental issues, it can be hard for them to chew food. If you notice your dog isn't eating because they are having trouble chewing, dental issues are frequently the cause. Since most kibble and dry dog food is hard, the food could be making it painful to eat. Dental issues that can make eating difficult for dogs include: broken teeth, infected teeth or gums, gum disease, missing teeth, and oral injuries. 

Picky Eaters
Some dogs are inherently picky eaters or have lower appetites than others, something which can often be seen when they’re young. Other dogs become picky eaters over time, and they lose interest in their food. Most dogs that are picky eaters, in general, tend to prefer wet food over kibble or dry dog food. We often hear "my dog won't eat dry food, but eats wet food still!".  When your dog won't eat dry food or kibble, but still will eat wet food, we recommend trying our dog food toppers

Senior Dogs
As they get older, the senses of taste and smell in dogs can become less acute, which could lead to them losing interest in kibble and dry dog food. Senior dogs can also lose the ability to digest food as well as they once did, and kibble and dry dog food are much are harder to digest than wet food. Also, dry dog food expands when it hits the stomach and becomes moistened by the digestive juices, which can cause senior dogs to have sensitive stomachs.

Better Options
If you’ve been feeding your dog wet food, treats, and/or table scraps, it might have started to anticipate and expect something more exciting than kibble or dry dog food. Sometimes if your dog seems to lose interest in kibble or dry food, this is the reason. 

Too Many Ingredients
Some brands of kibble and dry dog food contain a long list of ingredients, including additives, preservatives, synthetics, byproducts, and rendered foods. Your dog might have developed an intolerance to some or all of these ingredients, and therefore doesn’t want to eat the kibble or dry food anymore.

The Solution – Healthy, Human Grade Dog Food Toppers
If you’d prefer to keep your dog on a kibble or dry dog food diet, but are at wit’s end, we might just have the solution! Our meals were designed especially for picky, senior & sick dogs and people who have tried everything, often find our meals work because they are real human grade. You can use our fresh dog food toppers as a topping for kibble and dry food, or as a mixer. Mixing in a few spoonfuls of our fresh dog food toppers will entice your dog to start wolfing down kibble and dry dog food.

Portland Pet Food's healthy, human-grade dog food meal mixers.

We have five flavors of fresh dog food toppings, all of which are gluten-free and made from healthy, tasty, human-grade foods:

You can sample them all and save 20% with our Meal Variety Pack - use code MVP20 to take 20% off your order at checkout! 

Dog Meal Variety Pack

Why It Works
Our fresh dog food toppers were designed with picky dogs in mind; we use delectable, human-grade ingredients like Northwest Wild-Caught Salmon that leave even discerning dogs licking the bowl for more. Our meals are gently-cooked - not processed - which maximizes taste while preserving the natural nutrients. What's more, the consistency of our toppers allows you to mix it with your dry dog food so that each piece of kibble is covered with tasty, healthy goodness! 

A dog enjoying a healthy bowl of Portland Pet Food's human-grade dog food toppers.

Dog Food Toppers Subscription Service
For your convenience we offer a flexible fresh dog food toppers subscription delivery service. When you sign up for a subscription (which can include dog food toppers and/or dog treats), you'll receive 25% off your first order and 10% off all future orders. You can easily change or cancel your subscription delivery service at any time.

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