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Check out our tasty dog food toppers and dog treats – all of which are made in the USA!

For decades, people have focused on buying products that are “made in the USA.” But as manufacturing became increasingly global, that commitment often fell by the wayside. With recent supply chain disruptions, however, more people have become acutely aware of the origins of the goods they’re purchasing. And as container ships have amassed outside of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Seattle, and other U.S. seaports, the realization of how reliant we’ve become on foreign-made goods has come into sharp focus.

Made In The USA Isn’t Always What It Seems
“Made in the USA” has never been as straightforward as it seems. For example, something that you might think is made in the USA is, in fact, only assembled here, with most of its components coming from other countries. Or visa versa. A product that might have components made in the USA could actually be manufactured abroad. In both cases, ships, trains, planes, and trucks play a vital role in the “goods to market” process, and take a toll on the environment.

Dog Food Made In The USA – But With Vitamin Pre-Mixes From Abroad
When it comes to “dog food made in the USA,” the term becomes even murkier. For example, in order to comply with supplement requirements, many manufacturers add vitamin pre-mixes to their dog food, and these pre-mixes are almost exclusively made abroad. In recent years, vitamin pre-mixes have been one of the leading cause of pet food recalls, when the mixes contained toxic, or even deadly, levels of certain vitamins.

Portland Pet food Company – Made In The USA
At Portland Pet Food Company, since we started in 2014, all of our products have been made in the USA. Pure and simple. From the beginning, we made that decision very intentionally and have never wavered from it. The USA has higher requirements for the quality of foods that go into dog food production than other countries, and we wanted to adhere to those standards (or higher) for all of our dog food toppers and dog treats.

Fresh, Human-Grade, Whole Foods That Are Locally Sourced
Not only are our dog food toppers and dog treats made in the USA, but all of our ingredients are sourced in the U.S., primarily from the Pacific Northwest. We don’t have any ingredients coming from faraway places. Instead, we’ve met with and established long-term relationships with farmers, meat suppliers, and other vendors we trust.

No Vitamin Pre-Mixes In Portland Pet Food Company Products
We use fresh, human-grade, whole foods to provide vitamins, nutrients, and protein for dogs, and we’ve never added vitamin pre-mixes to our toppers or treats. 

All of our products are limited ingredient, and if you read the labels on our packaging, you’ll recognize all of the ingredients, most of which you’d feed yourself. Our dog food toppers and dog treats don’t contain any additives, preservatives, synthetics, rendered foods, or byproducts, and all of the meat we use is USDA-certified.

Dog Food Toppers And Dog Treats Subscription Service
If you’d like your favorite PPFC products delivered straight to your door, sign up for our convenient and flexible dog food toppers subscription (you can also add dog treats to your order). You’ll receive 25% off your first order, 10% off all future orders, and you can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time.

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