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If you’re used to giving your dog some treats each day – as a treat or a training tool – it can be hard to break that habit, even if your dog develops a sensitive stomach.

Fortunately, we hand-craft what we believe are the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs.

Here’s what makes them the best treats for dogs with upset stomachs, digestive issues, or sensitivities…

Limited Ingredient Dog Treats
When dogs have sensitive stomachs, its often difficult to tell what’s causing the digestive issues, because it’s hard to determine exactly what’s in most brands of dog treats. With our dog treats, however, you’ll know exactly what you’re giving your dog. All of our treats are limited ingredient, with no more than seven ingredients in any of them. Read the label on our dog treats, and you’ll recognize all of the ingredients, such as bacon, beef broth, barley, pumpkin, garbanzo bean flour, peanut butter, and other delicious, nutritious ingredients.

Healthy, Natural Dog Treats
We only use human-grade, whole foods in all of our dog treats and dog food toppers. These are the types of healthy, natural foods you would feed yourself. Most of our ingredients are locally-sourced, primarily from the Pacific Northwest, and our dog treats are made in the USA (in Portland, Oregon).

 As importantly as what’s in our dog treats is what’s been left out. Our dog treats don’t include any additives, preservatives, synthetics, rendered foods, or byproducts.

Hand-Crafted Dog Treats
We hand-roll and cut our dog treats, then bake them twice in the oven. This gives the treats a crunchy texture, yet they’re easy to break into pieces for portion-control.

Flavors Of Dog Treats For Sensitive Stomachs
We make the tasty dog treats in seven flavors:

Dog Food Treats Subscription And Delivery Services
You can 25% on your first order when you sign up for our dog treats subscription delivery service, and 10% off all future orders. You can include treats and dog food toppers in your orders, and you can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time.

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