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Even dogs that have had hearty appetites can become picky eaters, sometimes overnight. Changes in eating habits can be temporary or permanent, caused by illness, injury, aging, or other factors.

Causes Of Dogs Becoming Picky Eaters

Why is my dog a picky eater? Some of the top causes of a dog becoming a picky eater are:

  1. Too much variety in their food

  2. Sensitive stomachs

  3. Allergies

  4. Dental issues

  5. Loss of smell or taste

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Why has my dog become a picky eater?

Let’s look at what might make a dog become a picky eater.

1. Dogs That Have Too Much Variety In Their Food

If dogs are fed table too many table scraps, dog treats, and/or a variety of flavors and brands of dog food, it can spoil them. By becoming picky eaters, in essence, the dogs are holding out for the “good stuff.”

2. Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

Dogs, particularly senior dogs, can develop sensitive stomachs. Foods that they once enjoyed can start causing digestive problems, which makes dogs not want to eat the food.

3. Dogs With Allergies

Dogs that are allergic to specific proteins or grains that are found in dog food and dog treats can resist eating those foods. Common signs of allergies include rashes and persistent scratching. They might have stopped eating to avoid the discomfort. 

4. Dogs With Dental Issues

Dental problems, with teeth or gums, can cause dogs to eat less and/or become picky eaters. Dogs that have loose teeth or missing teeth are likely to have more trouble chewing. Dogs with toothaches, fractured teeth, or infections also are going to be less inclined to eat, particularly dry dog food. A sudden change in appetite could be a sign that dental problems have cropped up.

5. Loss Of Taste Or Smell In Dogs

Dogs are well known to have a sense of smell that’s thousands of times stronger than that of humans. Just like humans, however, dogs can develop nasal and sinus problems that diminish their ability to smell. As they age, dogs can experience a decline in their ability to smell and taste, just as their vision and hearing might become diminished.

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Why has my dog become a picky eater? Hear from other dog owners.

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