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Check out our tasty dog food toppers – all of which are made in the USA!

At Portland Pet Food Company, not only do we make some of the best dog food toppers entirely sourced and made in the USA – but we also have one of the best dog food toppers subscriptions in the industry.

Dog Food Toppers Delivered To Your Doorstep, On Your Schedule
With our dog food toppers subscription service, you can have the products that you want delivered to your doorstep, on your schedule.

Save 25% Off On Your First Order Of Dog Food Toppers And 10% On Subsequent Orders
With the first order in your dog food toppers subscription, you’ll save 25%, and you’ll save 10% off on all subsequent orders.

Change Your Dog Food Toppers Subscription At Any Time
You can change your dog food toppers subscription at any time. Cancel an order if you’re getting too much food or will be on vacation. Try new flavors. Alter your delivery schedule. Or even cancel your subscription. Our dog food toppers subscription delivery service is flexible and easy to use.

Dog Food Toppers Made In The USA – With Locally-Sourced Ingredients
When the dog food toppers are delivered to your door, you and your pooch will notice the difference. All of our toppers are made with fresh, healthy, natural ingredients. The whole, human-grade foods that go into our dog food toppers are the types of foods you’d feed yourself, including USDA-certified meats. From start to finish, our dog food toppers are made in the USA, and many of our ingredients are locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest.

Why Buy Dog Food Toppers Made In The USA
While many other dog food brands are made in the USA, they often include ingredients (namely vitamin pre-mixes) that are made overseas, which has led to recalls of the food. Also, other dog food brands are struggling with supply chain issues that are exacerbated by importing products from overseas. We aren’t experiencing such supply issues because our suppliers are nearby, and we have longstanding relationships with them.

What’s NOT In Our Dog Food Toppers
Read the label on our dog food toppers, and you’ll know exactly what you’re feeding your dog. All of our dog food toppers and dog treats are limited ingredient. None contain more than eleven ingredients, and some have just five ingredients.

Here’s what you WON’T find in our dog food toppers: vitamin pre-mixes, synthetics, additives, preservatives, byproducts, or rendered foods.

This makes our dog food toppers particularly appealing to senior dogs, picky eater dogs, and dogs with sensitive stomachs.

5 Tasty Flavors Of Dog Food Toppers – Made In The USA
Our tasty dog food toppers are available in five flavors:

We also have a dog food toppers variety pack, so you can see which flavor your dog likes best and/or liven up your dog’s mealtime routine.

7 Tasty Flavors Of Dog Treats – Made In The USA
You can also add dog treats to your subscription order. Our light, crunchy dog treats are available in seven tasty flavors:

You can set up your subscription from any of our product pages, or if you have any questions about how to subscribe, please e-mail

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