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We have 5 flavors of dog food toppers (two of which are gluten-free.) Try them all and save 40% by ordering our meal variety pack!

Gluten-free is now commonplace in the human world, with gluten-free choices on virtually every restaurant menu and dotting every grocery aisle. Most people switch to gluten-free diets because of an allergy, intolerance, or medical condition…or simply because they want to eat healthier.

While gluten allergies in dogs are rare – believed to affect an estimated 1% of dogs – there are certainly benefits to introducing gluten-free dog food and dog treats into your pet's diet. Below are some of the benefits of cutting back on gluten, which is a protein that’s found in many grains (most notably wheat, barley, and rye.)

Gluten-Free Dog Food Can Be Easier To Digest
Dog foods and dog treats that don’t contain gluten are easier for dogs to digest. Because we know that picky eater dogs and senior dogs often have sensitive stomachs and/or other GI problems, gluten-free options could help resolve these issues. Not having to break down starchy carbohydrates on a daily basis could help your dog eat and feel better.

Gluten-Free Dog Food Can Promote A Healthier Coat
Gluten can lead to excessive itching and scratching in dogs, so a gluten-free diet can also promote a healthy coat.

Gluten-Free Dog Food Can Help With Weight Loss
Too many carbs can often lead to weight gain, so a gluten-free diet may help dogs lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight. Conversely, if dogs have a poor appetite because they’re gluten-intolerant, a switch to gluten-free dog food could help them gain weight.

Gluten-Free Dog Food Toppers And Treats
At Portland Pet Food Company, all of our dog food toppers and dog treats are made out of healthy, fresh, human-grade whole foods. None contain more than eleven ingredients, and our gluten-free options include:

Gluten-Free Dog Food Toppers Subscription Services
For your convenience, we offer a flexible dog food toppers subscription delivery service. When you sign up for a subscription, which can include dog food toppers and/or treats, you'll receive 25% off your first order and 10% off all future orders. You can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time.

For more information about our gluten-free dog food toppers and dog treats, please reach out to us at

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