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Fresh dog food isn’t cheap, especially if you sign up for a monthly subscription from some of the brands that sell fresh dog food online. Depending on the size and appetite of your dog, the cost for a fresh dog food subscription could run up to hundreds of dollars per month.

If you’re committed to providing fresh dog food for your pooch, you might consider cooking the food yourself. However, that can be a time-consuming, costly process that won’t necessarily give your dog all of the health benefits you’re seeking.

At Portland Pet Food Company, we believe that any amount of fresh is good for your dog and that every dog deserves fresh food as part of its daily diet.

Fresh Dog Food Toppers
Our fresh dog food toppers are made from human-grade, whole foods, sourced in the US, primarily from businesses in the Pacific Northwest. All of the ingredients we use are healthy and natural. We never include any additives, preservatives, supplements, synthetics, or by-products in our fresh dog food toppers.

Instead, we take the types of ingredients that you would serve yourself (beef, salmon, chicken, rice, potatoes, yams) and slow-cook them in meal pouches to lock in the nutrients of the whole foods.

5 Tasty Flavors Of Fresh Dog Food Toppers
Our fresh dog food toppers are available in five tasty flavors:

We also offer a five-flavor variety pack of toppers that allows you to test which flavor your dog prefers.

Our fresh dog food toppers can be mixed with kibble or served as a rotational meal, which makes it affordable to feed your dog fresh food.

Fresh Dog Food For Picky Eaters, Seniors, And Dogs With Allergies
While all dogs can benefit from eating fresh dog food, this type of diet can be particularly beneficial for picky eater dogs, senior dogs, dogs with sensitive stomachs, and dogs with allergies.

Find Portland Pet Food Company At Whole Foods And Other Stores
Portland Pet Food Company's fresh dog food toppers and treats are available at 2,000 stores across the US, including Whole Foods. Use our store locator to find PPFC near you.

Subscription Service For Dog Food Toppers And Treats
For your convenience, we also offer a flexible fresh dog food toppers and treats subscription delivery service. When you sign up for a subscription (which can include dog food toppers and/or dog treats), you will receive 25% off your first order and 10% off all future orders. You can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time!

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Fresh Cat Food Toppers, Too!
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