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In recent years, fresh dog food has gained in popularity, largely because this type of diet can be so healthy and beneficial for dogs of all life stages.

What is fresh dog food? Unfortunately, there’s no industry standard, but here are some of the defining features of fresh dog food.

Whole Foods
Fresh dog food generally is made from the same whole foods that you would feed yourself, such as meats, vegetables, and grains.

Human Grade Foods
The whole foods that go into fresh dog food are often human-grade, meaning that the foods are considered safe for human consumption and it is both manufactured and packaged in accordance with federal regulations.

No By-Products
Fresh dog food doesn't typically contain by-products often found in many of the top brands of dog food (canned food and kibble.) By-products might seem like an innocuous term when you see it on a dog food label, but the term is referring to anything except meat. For example, chicken by-products could include the organs of the chicken, as well as other parts, such as the neck, feet, bones, and intestinal contents of the chicken.

Cooked At A Lower Temperature
Fresh dog food is generally cooked at a lower temperature, preserving the naturally occurring nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates.

No Additives, Preservatives, Or Supplements
Fresh dog food doesn’t contain additives, preservatives, or supplements.

Limited Ingredients
Fresh dog food might contain limited ingredients. At Portland Pet Food Company, all of our fresh dog food toppers are made with limited ingredients – no more than 11 ingredients in any of our flavors.

Fresh Dog Food VS Frozen Dog Food
People often mistakenly believe that “fresh dog food” means that it’s not frozen, but that’s not always the case. In fact, many fresh dog food manufacturers ship the dog food to you in a frozen state. At Portland Pet Food Company, however, our fresh dog food toppers are never frozen. Instead, the tasty ingredients are mixed and gently cooked in each individual meal pouch, a process that naturally seals in the nutrients. The meal pouches don’t need to be refrigerated (until they’re opened), and they have a shelf life of up to two years.

PPFC Fresh Dog Food Toppers
Our fresh dog food toppers (which can also be used as a mixer or a rotational meal) come in five delicious flavors:

Subscription Service For Dog Food Toppers And Treats
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