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How would you like to eat canned food every day that contains a long list of artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, byproducts, and rendered foods? Even if the canned food tasted pretty good, can you imagine what that type of diet could do to your body over time? Imagine, instead, that you ate healthy meals, made from fresh, non-GMO, whole foods.

And now, imagine that you could feed your dog the same quality of food that you love…well, that’s exactly what we’ve crafted at Portland Pet Food Company.

We Only Make Fresh Dog Food Toppers
We only make fresh dog food toppings, which means they're made from human-grade whole foods that are sourced exclusively in the USA, most from the Pacific Northwest. Our toppers can be used as a rotational meal, topping, or mixer, and they're great for picky or sensitive dogs since we limit the number of ingredients. No product has more than 11 ingredients and some have as few as 3.

What’s In Our Fresh Dog Food Toppers
In our fresh dog food toppings, you’ll find human-grade proteins (never byproducts), such as beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and salmon. We then add other whole foods (some of which are organic and vegan), such as potatoes, yams, and rice. All of our fresh dog food toppers are gluten-free, and we also have two flavors that are grain-free.

What’s NOT In Our Fresh Dog Food Toppers
Compare our fresh dog food toppers to other products that are massed produced – often with ingredients that come from foreign countries – and you’ll see a marked difference. On the labels of our fresh dog food toppers, you won’t find the long list of indecipherable ingredients that can be found on the labels of many other brands. We don’t add artificial coloring, preservatives, additives, supplements, rendered foods, or byproducts to any of our fresh dog food toppers or our dog treats. As a result, the dog food toppings are particularly good for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Our Fresh Dog Food Topper Flavors
Our dog food toppers come in five delicious flavors:

Best Fresh Dog Food Toppers Delivery Service
We can deliver our fresh dog food toppers to your doorstep, on your schedule. We offer a flexible fresh dog food toppers and dog treats subscription. When you sign up for a subscription, you save 25% off your first order and 10% off all subsequent orders. The flexibility of the fresh dog food toppers delivery service allows you to change your order, reschedule deliveries, and cancel your subscription.

Please note that our limited ingredient dog biscuits are crunchy, yet easy to chew and digest. This makes them the perfect dog treats for picky eaters, senior dogs, and dogs with dental issues!