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If your dog has stopped eating, gradually or suddenly, there’s likely a reason for it.

Below are some of the top reasons dogs won’t eat:

  1. Illness or Disease
  2. Dental Issues
  3. Foreign Object
  4. Sensitive Stomach
  5. Loss of Appetite in Older Dogs
  6. Change in Diet
  7. Boredom
  8. New home or Environment

 1. Illness Or Disease

An illness or disease can cause a dog to stop eating. If your dog suddenly stops eating or drinking water, it’s important that you consult a veterinarian.

 2. Dental Issues

Broken teeth, infected teeth or gums, gum disease, missing teeth, or excessive plaque can also be reasons dogs won’t eat. Chewing dry food or kibble can be particularly difficult for dogs to eat if they’re experiencing dental problems.

3. Foreign Object

Dogs, by nature, are explorers, and unfortunately some of them express this sense of adventure by eating things they shouldn’t, like sticks and socks. If your dog has ingested a foreign body, decreased appetite could be one of the symptoms. Other common symptoms include: vomiting, diarrhea, tenderness around the abdominal area, and lethargy.

4. Sensitive Stomach

Some dogs have sensitive stomachs, which makes them less able to tolerate certain dog foods or a large number of ingredients in the food. At Portland Pet Food Company, we make limited-ingredient dog food toppers and dog treats. All of our toppers and treats are made with healthy, human-grade foods, and none of them has more than 11 ingredients in it.

 5. Loss Of Appetite In Older Dogs

Older dogs, particularly senior dogs with sensitive stomachs, can lose their appetites as they age. Just like their eyes and ears might not work as well as they once did, senior dogs’ stomachs and intestines can weaken, too, losing the ability to break down and absorb nutrients as well as they once did. Our human-grade products have helped revitalize countless senior dogs appetites. 

A five-star review from a senior dog who had stopped eating of Portland Pet Food Company's dog food meal mixer

6. Change In Diet

A change in diet can be a simple reason why dogs won’t eat, even if they've never before been picky eaters. If you plan to switch brands or flavors of dog food, it’s a good idea to do it gradually. For most dogs, adding the new dog food to the old dog food incrementally will work better than a sudden switch.

 7. Boredom

Some dogs, that might not be very food-driven to begin with, can get bored with their dog food and start eating smaller amounts or less frequently. If boredom is the reason your dog won’t eat, we might just have the solution: We have five tasty flavors of dog food toppers, which can be used as a topping, a mixer, or a rotational meal.

All five of Portland Pet Food's healthy, dog food toppers designed for picky eaters.

 8. New Home Or Environment

A new home or environment can be one of the reasons dogs won’t eat. Dogs that are recently adopted might not eat right away. Bringing in a dog sitter or taking your dog to a kennel can also cause it to stop eating. Or even a drastic change in their usual environment, such as the arrival of house guests, the introduction of a new baby or pet, or home improvement projects, could be the reason dogs stop eating.

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