How To Prevent Weight Loss In Senior Dogs

As dogs get older, it’s important that they maintain a healthy weight. While some senior dogs are overweight, many older dogs are underweight, which can be just as concerning.

5 Ways To Help Prevent Weight Loss In Senior Dogs
Here are five ways to help prevent weight loss in senior dogs:

  1. Make sure that your dog eats enough food every day
  2. Choose dog food that’s healthy and full of nutrients
  3. Keep an eye on your dog’s dental health, checking for issues with the teeth and gums
  4. Schedule a veterinary exam to make sure your senior dog doesn’t have any underlying health issues that are causing the weight loss
  5. Weigh your senior dog at least once a month

Watch For Sudden Weight Loss In Senior Dogs
While most senior dogs start losing weight gradually – almost imperceptibly – if your senior dog experiences rapid weight loss, there could be an underlying health issue. Through an exam and/or testing, your veterinarian should be able to determine the root cause of the sudden weight loss.

Loss Of Appetite Can Cause Weight Loss In Senior Dogs
One of the more common causes of weight loss in older dogs, however, is a simple loss of appetite. This often occurs in older dogs because their sense of taste and/or smell fades, and, seemingly overnight, they become picky eater dogs. Senior dogs might also start to lose their appetite because the dog food that they’re eating upsets their stomach.

Other Common Causes Of Weight Loss In Senior Dogs
Other reasons that older dogs can lose weight include:

  • dental issues that make it difficult to chew
  • muscle mass loss (which can occur naturally with aging and/or because of less exercising)
  • difficulty absorbing food
  • difficulty digesting food

Best Dog Food Meals And Toppings For Senior Dogs
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Best Dog Treats For Senior Dogs
We also have 7 flavors of dog treats for senior dogs that are easy to break into small pieces and easy to chew.

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