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At Portland Pet Food Company, we offer five fresh flavors of dog meal toppers, two of which are grain-free. You can try them all and save 40% by ordering our meal variety pack! Use code TRYPPFC at checkout. 

Is grain-free dog food good for dogs? It can be, for a variety of reasons.

Less “Filler” In Grain-Free Dog Food
Many popular wet and dry dog foods contain excessive amounts of processed grains because they are cheaper to add than proteins, such as chicken, pork, and beef. The most common types of grains that you'll find in dog food are wheat, corn, barley, soy, and rice. Grain-free dog food – without all the fillers – can give your dog more energy and help it maintain a healthy weight.

Grain-Free Dog Food For Dogs With Allergies
Grain-free dog food can also be good for dogs who are having an allergic reaction to grains. Grain-free dog food can help alleviate or eliminate the symptoms and suffering caused by allergies. For dogs, symptoms of allergic reactions to grains can include:

  • Skin issues
  • Itching and scratching
  • Excessive licking
  • Hair loss
  • Red spots

Grain-Free Dog Food For Dogs With Digestive Issues
For some dogs, grains can be hard to digest. Dogs with digestive issues, such as sensitive stomachs, vomiting, gas, or diarrhea could benefit from a diet with less grains or no grains in it.

Grain-Free Dog Food For Senior Dogs
As dogs age, they may have trouble tolerating grains in their diet. Sometimes, there can be sudden changes in senior dogs, even to the same food that they’ve enjoyed for years. In this scenario, a grain-free dog food could help restore their appetite.

Possible Downsides Of A 100% Grain-Free Dog Food
Some vets advise against a completely grain-free dog food diet, in part because of an FDA investigation in 2019 that appeared to link grain-free dog foods with heart troubles. At the time, the FDA identified 16 brands of grain-free dog foods that were linked to dogs who developed heart problems. (Note that Portland Pet Food Company was NOT one of those brands.) The investigation revealed that there seemed to be a correlation between diets rich in legumes (peas, lentils, and legume seeds) and a nutritional deficiency that could cause heart problems.

The bottom line: If you plan to switch your dog to a reduced or completely grain-free diet, you should check with your vet first.

Dog Food Toppers Without Grains And With Grains
At Portland Pet Food Company, we make five tasty flavors of dog food toppers:

Healthy Dog Food Toppers Made From Human-Grade, Whole Foods
All of our dog food toppers are made with healthy, human-grade ingredients, all of which are sourced in the US. We gently cook our meals inside their pouches, which locks in the nutrients of the whole foods that we use. Our dog food toppers (and dog treats) are all made with limited ingredients, with no more than 11 in any product. There are no additives, preservatives, synthetics, byproducts, or rendered foods in any of our toppers or treats. The dog food toppers can be used as toppers, mixers, or rotational meals.

Flexible, Convenient Dog Food Toppers Subscription Services
For your convenience, we offer a flexible dog food toppers subscription delivery service. When you sign up for a subscription (which can include dog food toppers and/or dog treats), you'll receive 25% off your first order and 10% off all future orders. You can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time!

For more information about our grain-free dog food toppers and dog food toppers with grain, reach out to us at

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