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Yes, dogs can eat rice! In fact, rice is a common staple in many dog foods, including a few Portland Pet Food Company dog meal toppers. We’d bet that if you look at the back of your dog’s current pet food, you’ll see rice as one of the top ingredients. That’s in part because rice is affordable and quick-to-prepare, but also because rice has many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D and iron. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about giving rice to dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Grain? 

Rice is a grain by definition — which means that it was a grass seed harvested for eating, similar to corn, quinoa, and oats. However, no two grains look alike, they all carry different nutritional values. In fact, brown rice and white rice each have their own unique nutritional benefits! 

The biggest difference between brown and white rice is how it’s processed — white rice has the hull, bran, and germ removed prior to processing, while brown rice only has the hull removed. Due to this, brown rice holds some extra nutrients than white rice. However, for the same reason, white rice is more chewable, digestible, and is more affordable. 

Giving Rice To Dogs With Digestion Issues

White rice is one of the top recommendations for feeding to dogs experiencing digestive issues. It’s easy-to-digest, bland, and low in fiber, making it great for sensitive stomachs! So, the next time your dog has diarrhea, vomiting, or an upset stomach, call your veterinarian and see if rice is a good option for your dog. 

How To Feed Dogs Rice 

Once you’ve confirmed with your veterinarian that your dog can eat rice, simply cook your rice as the directions say — minus any additions, such as spices, oil, or butter. Be sure to let the rice cool before feeding it to your dog. 

Should I Buy Dog Food With Rice In It? 

Yes, you should, as rice is a great source of nutrition for dogs! However, we’d recommend buying from reputable brands who are sourcing high quality ingredients. Feed-grade rice, which is what you’ll find in highly-processed products, is full of additives and preservatives and isn’t healthy for your dog. Try to prioritize brands that utilize human-grade ingredients to ensure your dog is getting the healthiest version of rice possible!

At Portland Pet Food Company, two of our meals are made with white rice — Rosie’s Beef N’ Rice and Wally’s Salmon N’ Rice. We source our rice from human-grade facilities in California, ensuring that they never contain any additives or preservatives that you might find in other brands. We only use the best of the best!  

At Portland Pet Food Company, our fresh meals contain only USA-sourced, natural ingredients. Additionally, our meals are cooked gently and slowly, making them easier to digest. Our human-grade dog meal pouches offer a healthy, delicious way to introduce a nutritious diet into a dog's life. Sign up for our dog food toppers subscription service, and get 25% off your first order, then 10% off every order after that.

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