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With so many planning summer road trips in lieu of international vacations, you may be wondering what options are available for your dog. Below are a few of our favorite dog-friendly cities to visit on your road next trip, complete with a few must-do experiences! 

Portland, Oregon

Mt Tabor Park

We’d be crazy if we didn’t mention our very own city! Portland offers an array of dog-friendly breweries, parks, and activities for dogs and humans to enjoy together. Here are two must-do activities:  

    1. Grab a beer with your dog: You won’t have a hard time finding a place to sip on beer with your pooch in Portland. However, we recommend making a stop at Hopworks Urban Brewery with your dog’s favorite PPFC brew biscuits --  our spent grains come from the very beer you’ll be drinking! Learn more about our spent grain upcycling process here.

    2. Get on some trails: The options are endless! To start, head over to Forest Park, the nation’s largest urban public park, complete with 1,300 acres of nature to explore. Next, drive south to Mt. Tabor (pictured) for some short trails and one of the best views of the city! 

For an in-depth dog-friendly guide to Portland's neighborhoods, check out these blogs below: 

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Austin, Texas 

If we could live in two places at once with our dogs, it would be Portland and Austin! However, since we’re limited to just visiting, here are our must-do’s for every trip to Austin: 

  1. Take a stroll in Zilker Botanical Gardens: Zilker Park is nestled in the heart of downtown Austin, offering a relaxing space to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Walk your dog around the beautiful Koi ponds, streams, and flowers.  

  2. Sip a whiskey at Still Whiskey: According to one of our favorite Austin bloggers, Still Whiskey is a great place to escape the heat while keeping the fun going with your dog. 

San Diego, California 

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Portland, San Diego is especially perfect for ocean-loving dogs. Here some some San Diego spots to visit on your next road trip: 

  1. Swim and bask in the sun at Original Dog Beach: Known for being the first official off-leash dog beach in the country, Dog Beach is the perfect spot for dogs who love feeling sand between their toes. Be sure that your dog stays hydrated and doesn’t get overheated if out in the sun all day -- check out our tips for summer dog safety before you go. 

  2. Enjoy seafood at Sally’s Fish House & Bar: Both dogs and humans can peruse a menu at Sally’s. Order sushi for the human and a pupcake for the pooch! 

Nashville, Tennessee

You’ll go for the barbecue and country music, but your dog will go for the parks and dog-friendly venues. Here are our must-do dog activities in Nashville: 

  1. Spend an hour at Centennial Park: Centennial Park offers 132 acres of trails, off-leash fields, and a full-scale replica of the Parthenon. 

  2. Enjoy Southern cuisine: Did you really visit the South if you didn’t enjoy the food? Urban Grub, located in an old car wash, will bring your dog homemade dog treats; and Cafe at Bobby has an entire doggy breakfast menu, complete with a Chicken & Potato Hash.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is known for its coffee, food, and access to the outdoors. Thankfully, much of the city caters to dog owners, meaning you can do just about anything on your to-do list. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Eat at restaurants with dog-specific menus: Yes, there’s more than one! To name a few: Bowser Beer offers a non-alcoholic beer for dogs; That’s Amore will toss your pooch a tasty meatball; and the Seattle Barkery makes (you guessed it!) baked goods for both dogs and humans. You can even order a whole doggy barkday cake! 

  2. Hike up a mountain and visit the beach… on the same day: If you’re going to Seattle for a challenge, trek up the infamous Mailbox Peak, which is quite the “tail-burner.” Other dog-friendly hikes include Rattlesnake Ledge and Lake 22. Finally, close out the day with a beautiful sunset over The Puget Sound at Golden Gardens Park. The beach is dog-friendly and offers an acre of off-leash area to roam!

San Francisco, California 

San Francisco has delicious food, amazing outdoor activities, and fun adventures to bring your dog on! If you plan on taking a road trip with your dog on the West Coast, be sure that San Francisco is on your list to visit. While there, we recommend: 

  1. Attend DogFest: DogFest is a well-known event in the dog community. If you’re flexible, schedule your visit around the fundraiser -- it’s a blast! 

  2. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge: You can’t visit San Francisco without walking across the world-known bridge! Keep an eye out for bikers and bring water -- the bridge is longer than you’d expect! 

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