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As dogs become older they can experience a loss of appetite, dental issues, and/or trouble digesting certain types of food. These issues can then lead to senior dogs becoming picky eaters, which can, in turn, cause weight loss and other health issues if they’re not able to get the nutrients they need each day.

Soft Dog Food Toppers For Senior Dogs
In 2014, Portland Pet Food Company was born out of founder Katie McCarron’s need to find healthy, nutritious food that her senior dog, Rosie, would eat. When Katie couldn’t find any commercially-made dry dog food, canned dog food, or wet dog food that fit the bill, she began to cook her own. Today, our soft dog food toppers, (which also make rotational meals and mixers), can be found in more than 2,000 stores nationwide.

Human Grade – No Additives, Preservatives, Or Byproducts In Our Soft Dog Food Toppers
Because of our 100% natural, fresh ingredients, our soft dog food toppers benefits all dogs, but especially senior dogs. There are never any additives, preservatives, or byproducts in our dog food toppers or treats. We source all of our ingredients in the U.S., most from producers in the Pacific Northwest, near our headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Because of the limited ingredients in each flavor, the dog food toppers are particularly good for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Meal Pouches For Senior Dogs
We gently cook our soft dog food toppers inside pouches, locking in the nutrients of the whole, natural foods that we use. The pouches have a shelf-stable life of two years, and they’re microwaveable.

Five Delicious Flavors Of Soft Dog Food Toppers
Our fresh dog food toppers are available in five delicious flavors:

A Rotational Meal, Topper, Mixer, Or Treat For Senior Dogs
Because our food is so soft, some people use the food as rotational meals, while others use it as toppings or mixers for dry food, or as treats for their senior dogs.

Start Saving With Our Senior Dog Food Toppers Delivery Service
Give your dog the best – give them Portland Pet Food Company! If you’d like to enjoy the convenience of home delivery, you can sign up for our fresh dog food toppers subscription delivery. We have one of the most flexible, best dog food toppers subscriptions in the industry! You’ll receive 25% off your first order and 10% off all future orders. You can mix and match flavors and/or change your subscription at any time, which makes it easy to find out which dog food toppers and treats your senior dog likes best! You can also cancel your subscription at any time, so there’s no risk to signing up for home delivery service.

If you have questions about our soft dog food, or if you’ like help setting up home delivery, call (503) 928-2848 or e-mail

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