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Most dogs love dog food toppers — that extra special something added to the top of their dog food kibble or mixed in with it. Unfortunately, many popular brands of dog food toppers are the equivalent of “junk food” for dogs, and others might contain too many supplements.

Do you want to feed your dog the best dog food topper, made with the same quality ingredients that you would feed yourself? We invite you to compare Portland Pet Food Company dog food toppers to other brands of dog food toppers by using the criteria below.

Tastiness Of Dog Food Toppers
One of the best measures of a good dog food toppers is taste. Simply put, does your dog gobble up their topper? All our dog food toppers are made from fresh, human-grade, whole foods, which is why dogs love them – even picky eater dogs and older dogs.

We have five tasty flavors of dog food toppers:

Fresh, Healthy, Natural Dog Food Toppers
Our fresh dog food toppers are healthy and natural, made with ingredients that are sourced 100% in the US, primarily from the Pacific Northwest, near our headquarters in Portland, OR. Unlike other dog food toppers, our products never contain any byproducts or rendered meats.

No Supplements In Dog Food Toppers
To qualify as “dog food,” products must contain a certain amount of vitamins and supplements. So, if your dog food topper also contains added vitamins and supplements, you might end up giving your dog too many, which can lead to a sensitive stomach. At PPFC, none of our dog food toppings (or dog treats) contain any vitamins, supplements, or additives.

No Preservatives In Dog Food Toppers
Our dog food toppers don’t contain any preservatives. Instead, we gently cook the toppings inside their own meal pouches, which locks in the nutrients of the whole foods that we use. 

Limited Ingredients In Dog Food Toppers
None of our dog food toppers contain more than 11 ingredients — and they’re delicious ingredients that you’ll instantly recognize, such as pork, beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, potatoes, and rice. Read the labels of other brands of dog food toppers, even ones that market themselves as “limited ingredient,” and you might see a long list of undecipherable ingredients.

Price Per Serving Of Dog Food Toppers
When comparing brands of dog food toppers, it’s important to compare the price per serving, not the price of the product. Some brands of dog food toppers have lower “sticker prices” but they don’t yield the same number of servings. In general, PPFC's dog food toppers will yield 10-12 servings when served as a heaping spoonful added to the top of your dog’s kibble. Note that your usage might vary depending on the size of your dog and their energy level.

Flexible, Convenient Dog Food Toppers Subscription Services
For your convenience we offer a fresh dog food toppers subscription delivery service. When you sign up for a subscription, (which can include dog food toppers and/or dog treats), you receive 25% off your first order and 10% off all future orders. Plus you can change or cancel your subscription at any time.

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