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Resources for you and your pet

We've compiled some helpful resources for you to get the most out of life with your pet.

Ingredients That Have Anti-Inflammatory Benefits For Dogs

Ingredients That Have Anti-Inflammatory Benefits For Dogs

What Is Inflammation?  Inflammation is a body’s natural response to an illness or injury in an attempt to heal itself, and it’s actually a sign of a healthy, working immune system....

Eight Ingredients That Are Good For Dog Arthritis And Joint Pain

As dogs age, many experience joint issues that make it more difficult to move around and enjoy life to the fullest. Thanks to today’s veterinary medicine and products made specifically...
Five Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

Five Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

Adopting a dog is more than just committing to save a life; regardless of whether you're adopting a 6-month-old puppy or a 13-year-old senior, you would be doing that either way....
Best Senior Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs portland pet food company senior toy chihuahua

Senior Dogs And Sensitive Stomachs

Many senior dogs with sensitive stomachs thrive on Portland Pet Food Company, in part because all of our meals are limited-ingredient, some with only five ingredients! Try our five-flavor variety...
How to socialize adult dogs Portland Pet Food Company

How To Socialize A Senior Dog

Whether you adopted them after they lived in a less-secure home or you’re starting to notice some behavioral challenges, here are some steps to socialize an adult dog!
portland pet food company tips for senior dogs

Three Ways To Care For Senior Dogs

Everyone knows how much attention puppies need, but not many know that senior dogs need just as much love. November is National Senior Pet Month, a cause close to our...