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Oftentimes dogs can be slow to warm up to other pups and people. The ideal age to introduce dogs to other people and pups is between three and 12 weeks, but what if you miss that window? Whether you adopted your dog from a less-secure home or you’re starting to notice behavioral challenges, here are some steps to socialize an older dog!

How to socialize adult dogs Portland Pet Food Company

Play It Cool & Ignore Awkward Moments

At home, if your dog bolts or gets anxious, let it slide. By showing your dog their shyness isn’t a big deal, they’ll start to feel more at home and be less prone to nerves.

Meet Your Neighbors On Daily Walks

If you have lots of four-legged neighbors, let your pup strut their stuff! Regular walks ware a quick way to expose them to the outside world. Even though it may be your first impulse, don't tug your dog back at the first sign of an approaching pooch. When you restrain your dog as another comes into view, you'll condition them to see any new furry face as a threat.

Take It Slow At The Dog Park

For a skittish pup and their owner, a trip to the dog park may elicit night sweats. Have no fear, just take it slow! To start, just bring your dog to the outside of the park fence and show them the other dogs playing.

If a dog approaches the fence, give your pup a treat so that they know it’s a positive experience instead of a threat. A larger off-leash dog park, like the one at Mount Tabor here in Portland, allows your dog space to run and explore instead of being forced to play well with others.

Always be on hand to put the leash back on and pull your pup away should anyone start getting snippy.

Reach Out To Friends With Friendly Pups… Slowly

Try to introduce a new dog to one human friend a week. If you feel like you’ve made a lot of progress in socializing your dog, take it to the next level by meeting up with a friend & their pup for a puppy play date! Make sure there’s ample treats & toys so you don’t end up with a furry argument!

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