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halloween safety tips for your dog

There might not be anything on the face of the Earth as cute as a dog in a Halloween costume. However, it's important to remember that this particular holiday brings with it special concerns to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable. After all, it’s not just the spookiest time of year for people. 

Halloween Safety Tips

1. Dressing Your Dog Up

When you select a costume for your pup, keep these in mind (aside from how unbearably precious you want them to look):

  • FIT: Anything too small may make it difficult for your dog to breathe and might also restrict movement. Likewise, anything too large might present a hazard if it gets snagged or caught.
  • MOBILITY: Put the costume on your pet for a short walk to make sure their limbs are unrestricted and that the costume allows for pit stops.
  • VISIBILITY: Make sure your dog can see and be seen. Their eyes shouldn’t be covered or obstructed and there is reflective fabric so cars can see you after dark.
  • MONITORING: To avoid unforeseen hazards, don’t leave your dressed-up dog unattended.

2. The Evening Walk

You may want to do an early and/or a late walk to avoid high trick-or-treat traffic. If you want to show off your costumed pup or just have them join you on the rounds with your kids, make sure you feel confident that they will also be comfortable and at ease with all the potential excitement.  

3. Fun, Not Frightening

Your pup knows and trusts you and your family, but might not recognize you in a mask or heavy makeup. Likewise, trick-or-treater visits might cause undue stress. If your dog seems uneasy, consider separating them in a comfortable area with available water and a place to relax so you can both enjoy the evening.

4. Hazards in Disguise

Unfortunately, there are some things that we enjoy at Halloween that can be harmful to your pet.

  • Candy. While it’s fairly common knowledge that chocolate is poisonous for dogs, candy and gum containing xylitol (a common sugar substitute) should also be kept away from your pooch. Steer clear of feeding your dog raisins that that healthy neighbor two doors down handed out.
  • Glow sticks. While they are most likely non-toxic, the fluid in glow sticks might still upset your dog’s stomach. You wouldn’t eat one, right?
  • Decorations. Make sure candles and other potentially hazardous items are not where your dog might knock them over.

All that being said, when you play it safe, this can be one of the most delightful nights of the year with your dog. So dress up, have fun, and be sure to post lots of photos! And keep in mind, Portland Pet Food Company treats make for a fabulously delicious handout for four-legged trick-or-treaters – especially our Pumpkin Brew Biscuits and Grain- and Gluten-Free Pumpkin Biscuit Dog Treats.

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