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Portland Pet Food Company Available At Whole Foods

Whole Foods stores and Portland Pet Food Company – the perfect match!

Most people don’t read dog food labels, but they should. Take a look at one of our dog food topping or dog treat labels, and you’ll recognize all of the ingredients, and even be able to pronounce them.

We only make natural, healthy, fresh dog food toppings and dog treats, which make us a perfect fit for Whole Foods. In fact, our products are designated “human-grade,” which means that all of the ingredients that go into our toppings and treats are edible for humans.

Some of our dog food toppings and dog treats are also organic, vegan, non-GMO, and/or grain-free and gluten-free.

Most dogs love our fresh dog food toppings and dog treats, but they’re especially good for:

Whole Foods has eleven regions across the United States, and Portland Pet Food company products are available in six of those regions. The next time you’re in Whole Foods, look for (or ask for) Portland Pet Food Company’s healthy, natural , human-grade dog food toppings and dog treats!

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