How To Compare Dog Food Subscription Services

Dog food delivery subscription services are becoming more popular, as dog owners realize that they can save time and money, cross one more thing off their “to-do” list, and enjoy the convenience of home delivery of pet food!

At Portland Pet Food Company, we have one of the best dog food subscription services in the business, and some of our customers have been taking advantage of the convenience and price savings of ordering online for years.

Below are tips for how to compare our dog food subscription services with delivery services offered by other pet food companies.

Quality Of Dog Food In The Subscription Delivery Service
Above all else, the quality of dog food in the subscription service that you choose should matter. Nothing but the best for your pooch!

Since 2014, we’ve been making high-quality, healthy dog food toppings and treats. We use natural ingredients, sourced in the United States, and you don’t need a science degree to read and understand our labels. We’re the only dog food delivery company in the U.S. that offers a fresh dog food delivery service. Other companies freeze their products and ship them, but we never do!

We prepare our dog food toppings and treats in a way that preserves the valuable nutrients that dogs of all ages need. None of our products have additives, preservatives, or synthetic vitamins or supplements.

Our fresh dog food meals come in a pouch and are ready to serve. They’re shelf-stable for up to two years (no need to refrigerate or freeze until you open them), and great for travel!

Selection Of Dog Food In The Delivery Service
We have a nice selection of dog food available as part of our home delivery subscription service. We offer fresh dog food meal pouches in five flavors and dog treats in seven flavors, including gluten-free options.

Cost Of Dog Food Delivery Service
When choosing a dog food subscription service, cost, understandably, is usually a consideration. We’re pleased to offer 25% off your first online delivery order, and 10% off every subscription order thereafter.

Flexibility Of Dog Food Delivery Service
With our flexible dog food delivery service, you choose the type(s) of food you want delivered, the quantities, and the schedule. You can easily change your fresh dog food delivery at any point – try new flavors, increase your order, skip a delivery, or even cancel your subscription.

Start Your Dog Food Delivery Service Today
You can start your dog food subscription today by clicking on a page of a product that you’d like to start ordering or by visiting our “Subscribe & Save” page.

If you have any questions about our dog food subscription services, or would like help setting up home delivery, please call (503) 928-2848 or e-mail