Dog Food Subscriptions For Senior Dogs

In 2014, when Kate McCarron’s older dog Rosie was unable to eat regular pet food, Kate began cooking food for her and researching nutrition for senior dogs. From those beginnings, Portland Pet Food Company was formed. Today, our fresh dog food toppings and dog treats can be found in more than 1,000 stores across the country, and we still source all of our ingredients in the U.S., primarily from the Northwest.

Fresh Dog Food That’s Healthy And Natural
Our fresh dog food topping and mixers are especially good for senior dogs, because they’re:

  • delicious (even for picky eater dogs and dogs experiencing a loss of appetite)
  • soft and easy to chew (which is especially good for senior dogs with dental issues)
  • easy to digest
  • less likely to cause allergies
  • made from some of the best ingredients (whole food, human-grade products, not feed grade products and rendered animals)
  • full of natural nutrients, not synthetic vitamins and supplements

Subscription Delivery Service For Dog Food For Senior Dogs
We offer a dog food subscription service for all of our senior dog food products. Our home delivery service is easy to set up online and very flexible. You choose the dog food products that you’d like to have sent to your home and the delivery schedule that works best for you. At any point, you can change the products in your order, the quantity, and/or the delivery schedule. You can skip deliveries if you’re going to be away on vacation or are accumulating too much food. And you can cancel your dog food subscription at any point.

Large Selection Of Dog Food Products For Senior Dogs
Our fresh dog food toppings are available in four flavors, two of which are gluten-free. Our dog treats are available in seven flavors, three of which are gluten free. Because you’re able to change your delivery order at any point, you can try out different flavors of dog food and treats for your senior dog, to see which ones are the stand-outs.

Senior Dogs (And Their Owners) Love Portland Pet Food Company Products
All of our fresh dog food meals (which can also be served as toppings and mixers) are fully cooked and come in pouches. There’s no need to refrigerate or freeze the dog food, and the meal pouches have a shelf life of two years.

Start Saving With Your Subscription Service
Sign up today! When you sign up for our fresh dog food subscription delivery service, you’ll receive 25% off your first delivery order and 10% off all future deliveries.

If you have any questions about our fresh dog food subscription services for senior dogs, or would like help ordering online and setting up delivery, please call (503) 928-2848 or e-mail

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