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Check out our seven flavors of limited ingredient dog treats, including three of which are gluten-free.

Dogs love our limited ingredient dog treats, as much for what’s NOT in them as for what’s in them!

All of our dog treats are made with high quality, whole foods that are human-grade. There are no additives, preservatives, supplements, byproducts, or rendered foods.

Crunchy Texture, Easy-To-Chew Dog Treats
Our limited ingredient dog treats are hand-rolled and cut, then twice-baked in the oven for a light, crunchy texture. The dog treats are easy to break into pieces, making them great for portion control and dog training!

Seven Delicious Flavors of Limited Ingredient Dog Treats
None of our dog treats contain more than seven ingredients in them — in fact, one flavor has just three ingredients! Below are our limited ingredient dog treat flavors, with their respective number of ingredients:

Best Dog Treats For Picky Eaters and Dogs With Allergies
Many people consider our treats the best dog treats for picky eaters because dogs happily eat them, after having turned up their noses at other treats. Due to the fact that our dog treats contain such a limited number of ingredients, they’re also a good option for dogs with allergies and digestive issues

Compare Our Limited Ingredient Dog Treats To Other Brands
Read the labels of other “limited ingredient dog treats” and “healthy and natural dog treats” and you might discover that those other brands are anything but. Unfortunately, there’s no industry standard or regulations about labeling for these terms in the dog food industry. That’s why it’s important that you read the labels on dog treats and dog food toppers in order to know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.

Limited Ingredient Dog Treats Subscription Service
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