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In a previous blog, we talked about how to make sustainable choices regarding your pet’s food, but there are so many other aspects of being a pet owner that can be sustainable. Below are a few non food-related pet brands that we love and encourage you to support!

House Dogge Dog Toy

House Dogge

Angela Medlin, the founder of House Dogge, is passionate about sustainability. All of her products are made with natural and sustainable materials that are nontoxic and easy to care for. Learn more about their sustainability efforts here

Our favorite House Dogge product: Orange Merino Wool Binky Tug Toy




Whom, a zero-waste furniture company, practices sustainability largely in the materials they use. For example, decor pieces are made with polystyrene pulled from the ocean. Additionally, for every tree harvested to make furniture at Whom, they plant 40! To date, Whom has recycled 31 million pounds of materials. Learn more about Whom’s sustainability efforts here

Our favorite Whom product: Kansas pet bed 

Cycle Dog 

Sustainable Dog Poop Bags

Cycle Dog repurposes materials to create durable products, which range from  collars to Portland Pet Food Company-branded toys. So far, Cycle Dog has repurposed more than 2 million plastic bottles and 120 garbage trucks worth of discarded inner tubes! Learn more about Cycle Dog’s sustainability initiatives here.

Our favorite Cycle Dog product: Earth-friendly pickup bags with park pouch holder 

RuffWare Dog Harness


For the adventurous pup, Ruffware carefully considers all materials that go into its products. Many fabrics are produced with the bluesign® system, and only natural, petroleum-free, sustainable rubber is used in their toys. Learn about their sustainability initiatives here. 

Our favorite Ruffware product: Flagline Dog Harness with Handle 

At Portland Pet Food Company, sustainability is at the heart of our business. Just as we want the best for our dogs, we also want the best for our Earth! In addition to our eco-friendly meal toppers, upcycled brew treats, reusable travel bowls, and toys made with recycled materials, we are members of the Good Food Guild and the Pet Sustainability Coalition. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here

We have cat food, too! Check out our two delicious flavors of fresh, gently cooked cat food: chicken and pumpkin cat food and salmon and pumpkin cat food.

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