Portland Pet Food Company is a lifestyle that starts with feeding your best friend the best ingredients possible and ends with rocking PPFC gear with pride! We hold our standards high for everything PPFC, which is why our gear is all made in the USA and eco-friendly.
Grandma Ada's Gingerbread Imperial Stout Plush Brew Can Toy
$ 10.00
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
PPFC Travel Bowl
$ 16.00
Hopkins' Hefeweizen Plush Brew Can Toy
$ 10.00
Tuxedo's Pilsner Plush Brew Can Toy
$ 10.00
PPFC Bottle Opener Leash
$ 25.00
PPFC Bandana
$ 16.00
Heart Over Bowl T-Shirt - MINT
$ 22.00
PPFC Small Dog Leash
$ 18.00
Heart Over Bowl T-Shirt - YELLOW
$ 22.00

This is Real Food.

Ingredients You Could Eat

Gently cooked, ready-to-serve human-grade ingredients that dogs can't get enough of.

100% USA-Sourced and Made

Made with local meats, vegetables, and grains from partners we trust. No mystery ingredients. Ever.

Ethical and Sustainable

Ethically sourced ingredients, quarterly donations, and Earth-Friendly, BPA-free packaging