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At Portland Pet Food Company we make some of the best dog food toppers on the planet! Our healthy dog food toppers are delicious, and every bite packs a nutritional punch. Made from human-grade whole foods, none of our dog food toppers contains more than 11 ingredients, and we never include additives, preservatives, byproducts, or rendered foods.


1. As A Rotational Meal

Dog food toppers can be served as a rotational meal, particularly for small dogs, which is how many of our customers use them.


2. A Mixer

Dog food toppers are great as a mixer with either wet dog food or dry dog food. Take a few tablespoons of one of our meals and thoroughly mix it into your dog’s serving of food to entice your picky dog to eat.

3. A Topper

Dog food toppers can be used as a topping or placed on the top of wet dog food or dry dog food. No need to mix the topper in. By putting it on top of the food, you can add a little whole-food nutrition directly to your dog's diet. Topping your dog's food can also be a great appetite stimulant, hydration booster, digestive aid, and nutrition-rich supplement to their regular feeding routine.

4. A High-Value Treat

Whether you're working on the next great trick or looking for an easier way to get your dog to take its medication, PPFC's toppers are loved by dogs and can be used as a high-value treat. You can use a spoonful to celebrate a great achievement or to mask a pill.

5. A Wellness Plan For Senior Dogs

PPFC dog food toppers can be extremely beneficial for senior dogs. As dogs age, their stomachs can become more sensitive and they’re less able to tolerate some ingredients (particularly additives, preservatives, synthetics, and byproducts.) Because our dog food toppings are so “clean,” senior dogs love them.

Our dog food toppers come in 5 mouth-watering flavors:

Hopkin's Pork & Potato (Gluten & Grain-free), Grandma Ada's Turkey N' Yams (Gluten & Grain-free), Rosie's Beef & Rice (GF), Tuxedo's Chicken N' Yams (GF), Wally's Salmon & Rice (GF)

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