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As pet owners ourselves, we know some things are just easier with the right tools - whether that be treats for training, toys for enrichment, or a cozy blanket to keep them warm in the winter. After years of owning pets and learning the best tools to make you and your pet's life easier, we are here to share them with you! Here are some of Portland Pet Food Company's favorite gifts for your pets and pet lovers! 

1. Fluff Trough

Fluff Trough makes innovative pet feeders that have an ergonomic, open-front design to help promote better digestion and posture. This product was originally created by a pug mom for brachycephalic breeds, but the Fluff Trough works well for all dog and cat breeds! The silicone inserts are microwave and dishwasher safe, and they have plenty of additional inserts for different types of feeding!

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2. Carolina Pet

Carolina Pet creates pet beds, throws, and more with the idea of comfort, durability and quality in mind. We love this brand because women owned and run, and each product is made with careful attention to detail. They even have all the Pendleton designs, so your pup can be as stylish as you! Some of our favorite products are the pet beds and their cozy throws!

3. Portland Gear

If you are a Portland lover, like us, you're probably already familiar with Portland Gear, but did you know that they also have products for your pets? They have all the best, high-quality, Portland merch for both your pets and pet lovers! PPFC actually makes them a special biscuit that you can only find at their stores, so go check them out!

4. House Dogge

House Dogge is a local Portland company that offers thoughtfully resourced products made to be safer for our pets, people, and places. Their mission is to disrupt the long standing production of toxic products in our family homes used by our loved ones. We love their customizable wool toys and dog sweatshirts, and they make the perfect gift!

5. Licki Mat

Licki Mat creates enrichment tools for both your dogs and cats, to help soothe and relax them. These mats come in all different kinds of textures, sizes and features for all occasions - including mats that can suction to the wall for easier bathing / grooming. Some of our favorites products are the Splash, Flat Cat Mat, and Wobble bowl for extra fun for your pup!

6. Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog is another one of our favorite, local, and sustainable pet brands! Each of their products is made out of post-consumer recycled materials, specifically bike tubes. Some of our favorite products are their warm and durable rain-jackets for your pets, and their no-stink dog-collars!

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