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If you have never seen the impacts that a service dog can have, you may wonder about the importance of service dogs today. Though many people are familiar with guide dogs and their ability to help blind people navigate, not everyone is aware of the wide array of skills a dog can learn and how many people they can help. Indeed, service dogs are not only limited to performing life-saving tasks such as alerting someone with diabetes to dangerously low blood sugar or calling 911 if someone falls – they can also increase life satisfaction, physical health, psychosocial health, and overall well-being.


**We are honored to collaborate with Atlas Assistance Dogs, an organization dedicated to expanding access to service dogs, to bring you this educational post. Their commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities through positive and ethical training methods has provided invaluable insights that shape the information you're about to read. Atlas assists people in training and certifying their own service dogs, bridging the gap between potential and reality. Together, we're shedding light on the remarkable impact of service dogs and advocating for a more inclusive and compassionate world. Read below to find out Why Service Dogs Matter! 

Access For Everyone

Did you know that 1 in 4 adults in the US, about 61 million people, live with disabilities? Surprisingly, only a small fraction of these individuals have access to service dogs, which can be life-changing! Though it is difficult to establish an exact number of service dogs in the North America region, it is still clear that there are far fewer service dogs out working than there are people with disabilities who could benefit from one.

Beyond Physical Support

For those with physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, or chronic health conditions, everyday and long-term life can be significantly impacted, as some people may require some or full-time assistance from family, friends, or professional caretakers. Disabled individuals may also face both social and physical barriers, which can result in social isolation and/or difficulty participating in desired activities. Multiple studies, however, have shown that service dogs can significantly improve their person’s quality of life even beyond the wide range of tasks they perform to help mitigate their handler’s disability. For instance, one study examining how non-disabled people interact with both adult and child wheelchair users found that those with service dogs received more frequent social acknowledgment from passersby, including friendly glances, smiles, and conversation. These results suggest that “the service dogs substantially reduced the tendency of able-bodied people to ignore or avoid the disabled person,” in part increasing opportunities in social interaction and exchange for those with disabilities.

Changing Lives, One Dog at a Time

Service dogs are like superheroes. They perform tasks and bring brightness to life. From aiding with daily tasks to boosting social interactions, they truly enrich lives. Atlas Assistance Service Dogs is working to create a world where everyone can experience the benefits of a service dog by removing barriers, building connections, and giving individuals the opportunity to thrive.

Fueling Heroes with Fresh Nutrition

Maintaining the health of service dogs is paramount for them to excel in their vital roles. Just like humans, proper nutrition plays a significant role in their well-being. This is where Portland Pet Food Company steps in. As a company deeply committed to the well-being of pets, we recognize that nutrition is the cornerstone of vitality, particularly for working dogs. Our high-quality, natural meals offer a level of nourishment that only fresh, real ingredients can provide. For service dogs who dedicate themselves to enhancing lives, optimal nutrition is non-negotiable. With our well-balanced meals, we contribute to these extraordinary companions' overall health, energy, and ability to make a real difference in the lives they touch.

The partnership between Portland Pet Food Company and Atlas Assistance Dogs is a celebration of shared values and purpose. Both organizations recognize the power of ethical practices and compassionate solutions in enriching the lives of pets and their owners. By empowering individuals to actively engage in training their own service dogs, Atlas Assistance Service Dogs and Portland Pet Food Company are driving change and advocating for a world where possibilities are limitless, and where individuals and their service dogs thrive together.

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