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If you have a finicky cat, mealtimes can become stressful, as you wait and hope that your cat eats a healthy amount of food. Assuming you’ve consulted with your vet and ruled out any medical conditions, below are some tips and ideas for what to do with a finicky cat.

What To Feed A Finicky Cat

If your finicky cat has been eating dry food, you could try switching to a wet cat food or mixing wet and dry cat food. You also could experiment with different flavors of cat food to see if your cat might prefer one over another (e.g. switch from beef flavor to chicken flavor).

How To Feed A Finicky Cat

Cutting back on any treats or multiple feedings throughout the day could also help boost your finicky cat’s appetite at regular mealtimes. If your cat doesn’t finish eating its meal after an hour or so, pick up the cat food.

You also might try sitting with your cat while it eats its meal – some cats are very social and prefer company. Throw in some petting and praise, and that might help, too.

Or, you can try the opposite and put your cat by itself in a confined space (such as a bathroom). This helps eliminate any distractions and could help your finicky cat focus on eating.

When To Feed A Finicky Cat

With finicky cats, routine can help. Try feeding your cat at regular, specific times of the day.

Finicky Cats Love Portland Pet Food Company Cat Food

At Portland Pet Food Company, we didn’t set out to make cat food for finicky cats, but for a variety of reasons, many picky eater cats love our food. We handcraft our cat food out of fresh, human-grade, which cats often prefer over other brands that make processed food made out of rendered foods and byproducts. We slow-cook our cat food in small batches to preserve the nutrients in the whole foods we use. And both flavors of our cat food are limited ingredient – with no additives, preservatives, fillers, synthetics, or artificial coloring in them. Pro tip: Our homestyle cat meals have a great aroma coming out of the pouch, but you can enhance them by microwaving the food. This could help finicky cats who might have lost their appetites or don’t have a strong sense of smell.

All of our products are made in the USA, and most of our ingredients are locally-sourced, from near our headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

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