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With Christmas just a few weeks away, you’re probably scrambling to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Considering how much time and effort it can take to track down Christmas gifts for all of the special humans in your life, you might have forgotten about buying one for the special dog in your life.

Yes, your furry loved one deserves a treat during the festive season, too! They’ve given you so much joy throughout the years, so a Christmas present is the perfect way to say a big “thank you!” If you’re after some top gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five of the best presents to wrap up and give your pooch this Christmas.

1. Grandma Ada’s Holiday in a Box

If you’re looking for a Christmas present that your dog is guaranteed to love, look no further than our Grandma Ada’s Holiday in a Box. This gift box features three premium gifts that will get the tick of approval from dogs and dog parents alike. 

First up is the ‘feast’ component: our tasty Turkey & Yams Meal Pouch (which is approved for human consumption and is made with USDA-certified turkey). Next, is the ‘treat’ component: our Grain & Gluten-Free Gingerbread Biscuits (a nutritious and tasty treat even dogs with allergies can chow down.) Finally, the ‘gift’ component: our Brew Can Plush Toy (which you can read more about below!). If your dog reacts anything like the other dogs who have been lucky enough to receive this gift pack, they’ll no doubt give it two paws!

2. Agility Training Equipment

Are you running short of ideas to boost your dog’s fitness levels? After many years together, it can be hard to devise new and engaging ways to get their heart beating. That’s why an agility training equipment set is a great gift idea for your pooch this Christmas.

These sets are designed not only to support your dog’s physical health, but also to keep their mind sharp. They either come with one type of equipment or an assortment of different types, such as tunnels, jumps, and weave poles. Easy to set up as well as store, an agility training equipment set is one present your dog will get plenty of use out of. 

3. Chew Toys

Dog toy in a Christmas stocking

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly present that’s bound to please, you can’t go wrong with well-made chew toys. After all, what dog doesn’t wag their tail in excitement when they get the chance to play with a brand new toy?


The great thing about chew toys is that there are so many to choose from. We even have our own cheeky line of chew toys, in a variety of fun designs that will give beer-lovers a chuckle. We have four different designs, including Rosie's IPA

Plush Brew Can Toy, Grandma Ada's Gingerbread Imperial Stout Plush Brew Can Toy, Hopkins' Hefeweizen Plush Brew Can Toy, and Tuxedo's Pilsner Plush Brew Can Toy.


4. Dog Leash

Despite the fact that we use our dog’s leash every day (or nearly every day), it’s often the last item we think of replacing. We let it become tattered and worn out, and only think to upgrade it when it’s basically hanging by its last thread. 
However, an old leash doesn’t just look unappealing—it can also be unsafe for both you and your dog. That’s why a new dog leash makes for a fantastic Christmas present for your dog. If you have a smaller dog (up to 30lbs), we recommend our PPFC Small Dog Leash. Made in the USA, our PPFC Small Dog Leash is designed with a unique ecoweave webbing that’s made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Another excellent option for your pooch is our PPFC Bottle Opener Leash. Also made in the USA and eco-friendly, this dog leash is waterproof and features a special Pup Top bottle opener accessory attachment. 

5. Bandana

Who says dogs can’t be stylish? If you’re looking for an easy way to add a fashionable touch to your dog, a bandana is the perfect present. Check out two of our favorite local companies, Pacific Hound and Northwest Dog, who both offer warm, handmade options for dogs! You can't go wrong with either. 

If you're looking for a way for your pooch to rock PPFC, check out the Portland Pet Food Company bandanaOur reversible bandana features not one, but two oh-so-cool prints on it. There’s the blue PPFC dog bowl and heart print, and the yellow PPFC logo print. It’s not only easy to put on (you can just slide it on your dog), but it’s also made from high-quality, durable material. Plus, it comes in a choice of 7 sizes, meaning it will fit dogs big and small!

About the Author
Richard Rowlands is a writer at Safe Sound Pet. He has years of experience as a writer and marketer for the pet industry. He is from the UK, but has lived abroad in Japan and South Korea. Richard has shared his life with pets since childhood, and currently has a rescue pug named Bertie. These days, he works with veterinarians and pet businesses to improve their marketing and increase profits.

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