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As our beloved furry companions age, their health and well-being become even more important to us. Our Founder and CEO, Katie McCarron, started Portland Pet Food Company in 2014 to care for a senior poodle whose health was in decline, and since then, we've been passionate about increasing the health and wellbeing of senior dogs everywhere! Just like humans, senior dogs need extra care and attention to lead happy and healthy lives in their golden years. 

From diet to exercise, here are some essential tips to ensure your senior dog enjoys their best life possible. 

  1. Eating healthy, fresh foods

  2. Exercise and mental stimulation

  3. Regular vet check-ups

  4. Comfort and TLC

The Best Years

The process of caring for an aging or senior dog can be a heartwarming experience. These loyal companions have been by our side for years, sharing countless memories and adventures. As they age, it's crucial to adapt their care to meet their changing needs. Embracing their senior years with love and attention will make all the difference in keeping them happy and healthy.

Eating Healthy, Fresh Food

Just like with humans, a nutritious diet is the foundation of good health for senior dogs. Opt for high-quality, fresh, and nutrient-rich foods to support their aging bodies. Consider transitioning to meals like Portland Pet Food Company's Homestyle Dog Meals, made with 100% human-grade ingredients. These wet meals are gentle on sensitive teeth and easier to digest, providing a wealth of essential nutrients to keep your senior dog strong and vibrant.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Keeping your senior dog active is crucial for maintaining their physical and mental well-being. However, “active” can mean something very different to each dog—tailor their exercise routine to suit their age and fitness level. Short, gentle walks or playtime in the yard are excellent options. Engage them with puzzle toys or interactive games to stimulate their minds and keep their cognitive abilities sharp.

Comfort and TLC

Above all, shower your senior dog with love, comfort, and tender loving care. Provide a warm and cozy bed, and consider orthopedic options to ease any joint discomfort. Spend quality time together, offering gentle massages and belly rubs. Your unwavering love and attention will make their senior years truly golden.

Caring for your senior dog requires a combination of love, nutrition, exercise, and regular veterinary care. Small changes such as incorporating fresh, nutrient-rich foods like Portland Pet Food Company's Homestyle Dog Meals can significantly contribute to their overall health and happiness. Embrace these senior years with open arms and create lasting memories filled with joy, love, and care. Together, you and your senior dog can make the most of this special chapter in their life journey.

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