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kate mccarron rosie tuxedo portland pet food company founderWhen Katie McCarron’s Standard Poodle, Rosie, began to age, Katie noticed that her appetite for average dog food had dropped off. As Rosie lost both her weight and her spark, Katie knew that she needed to make a change in Rosie’s diet.

“I began experimenting with homemade dog food recipes I found online,” she said. “I wanted to use all natural ingredients, and also create variety in what Rosie was eating.”

Emboldened by the new food, Rosie regained pounds, her shiny coat and a pep in her step. Katie realized that many pet owners struggled with dry food fatigue and began to create meal toppers for the public that could be added to enliven food, or served on their own.

After she perfected her first recipe, Rosie’s Beef ‘n Rice, Katie worked with her son, Matt ,to expand the product selection. They developed Tuxedo’s Chicken and Yams, named after the family’s now 13-year-old Lhasa Poo. They then turned their culinary hand to creating brew biscuits, made out of spent grain from local breweries.

Though these foods range in flavor and features, with gluten- and grain-free offerings, they have one thing in common: ingredients are 100% fit for human consumption and made in the US.

“Dog owners have realized that they’re not the only ones who need to eat healthy meals,” said Katie. “We should be able to read the ingredients on our pet food and know what they’re eating.”

Since the beginning, Katie didn’t just put Portland at the front of her company’s name, she made working locally their number one business priority. The Portland Pet Food Company team partnered with the Oregon Food Innovation Program during their product launch to utilize local, sustainable ingredients that meet AAFCO guidelines. The product took off in pet shops and grocery stores from Oregon to New York and beyond, whose clientele enjoyed supporting a completely US-made product.

“It’s not only about local, sustainable food,” Katie said. “It’s very much about company development. We create jobs in the Pacific Northwest and support partners that do the same.”

Portland Pet Food Company also enriches the local community by donating 5% of net profits to animal-related non-profits and shelters.

“We want to work towards a day when no pet goes hungry, so we provide in-kind donations and part of our profits to organizations like the Oregon Humane Society, the Pongo Fund and the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter,” Katie said.

At Portland Pet Food Company, we offer a variety of natural, healthy dog food toppings and natural, healthy dog treats, including gluten-free options. Our dog food toppings and treats are great for senior dogs and dogs who are picky eaters. Use our dog food toppers subscription service, and you’ll never have to worry about ordering.


Cat Food, Too!
Update: In 2022, we were proud to add cat food to our line of pet food! Check out our salmon and pumpkin cat food and our chicken and pumpkin cat food.


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