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Portland Pet Food Company wouldn't be where we are today without local brewery partners who help us create sustainable, natural dog treats. 

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Brew biscuits don’t include any alcohol, but feature spent grain from local brewery partners.

After the liquid sugars, proteins and nutrients have been extracted through the brewer's mashing process, spent grain is what’s left of malt. Spent grain can account for 85% of a brewery’s total by-product and lead to major waste when disposed of improperly. You can compost spent grain or give it to farms as feed. The versatile material can also be dried and used as a replacement or in addition to traditional flour in baked goods, like our biscuits!

coalition brewing co portland pet food companyCoalition Brewery has been a Portland Pet Food Company partner since the very beginning. Known for their innovative beers, they’ve helped create our biscuits by providing us with some of their spent grain. Coalition shares our belief that local economy support begins with sourcing regional ingredients. Their malt (which becomes our spent grain) is from Great Western Malting, right across the river in Vancouver, Wa. Coalition is in taprooms and growler fill stations across the Pacific Northwest and recently re-opened their outside patio for Summer fun! 

Shop all our biscuits here - it’s the closest you’ll get to sharing a beer with your pup.

Portland Pet Food Company products are available in more than 1,000 stores nationwide. Our natural, healthy dog food toppings and natural, healthy dog treats are great for senior dogs and dogs who are picky eaters. We have gluten-free dog food toppings and treats in a variety of flavors. All of our dog food products are available through our dog food toppers subscription service!

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