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Does your dog speed through their meal so quickly that they don’t seem to enjoy it? Does your dog seem uninterested in food – walking away when you put their bowl down? Reignite your dog’s interest in mealtime by mixing things up. It's time think outside the bowl. Here are some of our favorite tips on making mealtime more fun for your pooch!


1. Feed Your Dog Something They Will Love

This might seem like an obvious one, but your dog may have gotten bored of the kibble that you've been feeding them – and we can’t blame them! Can you imagine eating the same meal every day of your life? Try mixing up their routine by changing flavors with a rotational meal, adding something home-cooked, or mixing in a tablespoon of a delicious and nutritious meal topper. By varying their food, your dog will be excited to see (and taste) what you’ve served them each night!

2. Put Your Dog’s Food In A Puzzle

For dogs that tend to inhale their food and make you wonder if they’re even tasting or chewing anything, puzzle feeders are a great way to get dogs to slow down and enjoy their meal. Puzzle feeders may look like a maze, have hidden pockets for food to fall into, or require dogs to move it around for food to fall out. Though these may sound difficult, many dogs relish the challenge of figuring it out and leave the “table” feeling physically and mentally satisfied.

3. Hide Your Dog's Food

Many people play hide-and-seek with their dog (and if you haven’t, it’s worth a try since dogs love it!), but did you know that you can do the same with their food? Hiding your dog's food will set them off on a rewarding adventure. Not only does this stimulate dogs mentally, it also gets them moving and decreases energy levels – a great game for high-energy dogs in the winter!

4. Use Mealtime As A Training Opportunity

A couple nights per week, use mealtime as an opportunity for a long training session with your dog, giving them a few bites each time they’ve earned a reward. Pretty soon, your dog will be the most well-trained pooch around! Not only will this tire your dog out, but training sessions are a great way for humans to bond with their four-legged family members.

Mealtime Can Be Fun For Dogs!

Mealtime doesn’t have to be redundant and routine for your dog. Using these tips will make mealtime a fun activity for both dogs and humans – even for those who are generally disinterested in food. By mixing up the routine, adding in some fun activities, and stimulating your dog’s mental energy, you’ll both be looking forward to the next meal in no time!

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