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If you’re looking to take a fun road trip with your furry friend, look no further than Portland, Oregon. With the nation’s highest dog park per capita, 33 in total, it’s clear that Portland loves its dogs. There are an abundance of pet-friendly restaurants, bars, parks, and accommodations to find in the City of Roses, so it’s not surprising that Portland is regularly named among the most dog-friendly cities in the United States.

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And what’s not to love? Dogs have been known to have positive effects on the mental and physical well-being of their owners, from reducing depression to improving heart health. Portland’s history of urban planning has purposefully turned wasted lots into green spaces to clean up the city, as well as draw its residents out and encourage an active urban lifestyle. The city continues to plan and develop to benefit its dog-lovers.

Some of our favorite dog-friendly neighborhoods in Portland to explore with Fido are Alberta Arts District, Hawthorne District and St. Johns. Here is our list of the best dog-friendly spots to check out in these areas. 


Our favorite dog-friendly neighborhoods in Portland are..

Alberta Arts District, Hawthorne District and St. Johns. Below is our list of the best dog-friendly spots to check out in these areas!

Dog- Friendly Things To Do In Alberta Arts District

The Alberta Arts District is situated in Northeast Portland and has no shortage of dog-friendly activities. One of the best dog-friendly restaurants in the Alberta Arts District is the Tin Shed Garden Cafe. This popular brunch spot is not only delicious, but it even has a dog-friendly menu with items such as “Doggie Desert”, a blended banana, peanut butter and yogurt snack for your pup. Our most recommended dog park in Alberta Arts District is Alberta Park, a beautiful greenspace including a large off-leash dog park, basketball court, picnic area, and more! If you need to stop by a pet store in the area to grab some healthy treats for Fido, Mudbay and Wild Provisions are close-by and both have a great selection of natural pet products and yummy samples!

Dog-Friendly Things To Do In St. Johns

If you find yourself in North Portland, you might stumble into a small, quaint neighborhood called St. Johns. From Cathedral Park to its charming and walkable downtown, the North Portland neighborhood feels like its own town with locally owned shops, bars, cafes, movie theaters, and more! St. Johns Food Pod and Beer Garden is one of our favorites to check out while you’re in this area.

Dog- Friendly Things To Do In Hawthorne District

Hawthorne District is a lively area in Southeast Portland, filled with eclectic restaurants, vintage shops, boutiques, cafes and more. There are an abundance of options to choose from along Hawthorne Boulevard, but one of our staples in this area is Cartopia, a famous food cart pod known for bringing the food cart culture to Portland. We recommend ordering a wood-fired pizza and craft soda from Pyro Pizza. There are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants as well in this area such as El Cubo De Cuba, Por Que No, Zack Shack, and more. After shopping and filling up on delicious eats, we recommend heading to Mount Tabor Park. Mount Tabor has 191-acres of public space and is the only park in Portland that sits atop a volcano. This is a must-see if you are in Hawthorne District, including an array of amenities and lots of space for Fido to run. To finish off your day in Hawthorne District, stop at Portland Pet Supply to stock up on our human-grade meals and biscuits for Fido!

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