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If your cat suddenly becomes a picky eater, the first thing that you should do is rule out any medical problems, particularly if your cat is losing weight or seems lethargic.

Portland Pet Food Company – The Food Cats Love

At Portland Pet Food Company, we’ve handcrafted a cat food that most cats love! And what’s not to love, when the food is made out of healthy, natural ingredients – the types of food that you would feed yourself.

We use human-grade foods to make our cat food (never rendered foods or byproducts), and most of our ingredients are locally sourced near our headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Causes Of Cats Becoming Picky Eaters

When cats become finicky in a short period of time, it could be because of hairballs, a dental condition, a metabolic disorder, an infection, a gastrointestinal condition, or some other medical issue.

For senior cats that become picky eaters, the change in behavior could be caused by a sensitive stomach or a decline in their sense of taste or smell.

Changes in environment or routines can also cause a cat to become a picky eater. Have you changed your cat’s feeding time or place? Have you moved into a new home? Have you introduced another pet to your household? Is there anything that’s causing your cat to become frightened or skittish? Have you changed food recently? Have you started giving your cat more treats, snacks, or human food?

Once you’ve ruled out any medical causes and done your best to address any environmental changes, the challenge becomes finding a cat food that your picky cat will eat.

Limited Ingredient Cat Food

As importantly as what’s in our cat food is what’s NOT in it. Both flavors of our cat food are limited ingredient, with no additives, preservatives, synthetics, or artificial coloring.

Cat Food Full Of Nutrients

Our approach to making cat food – using whole foods and cooking the food in small batches – helps retain the nutritional value of the healthy, whole foods that we use. And by leaving out the artificial ingredients and vitamin supplement packs that many other brands of cat food contain, we’re making the cat food not only more appealing, but also easier to digest.

Cat Food Subscription Service

Save time and money by signing up for our cat food subscription service. When you sign up, you’ll receive 25% off your first order and 10% off all future orders. With your cat food subscription, you can choose the quantity and delivery schedule you need, and you can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time.

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