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When cats have sensitive stomachs, they often experience diarrhea and vomiting and/or become picky eaters. While some cats have a predisposition to stomach sensitivity, others may develop digestive issues because of a medical condition or as a result of getting older. Whatever the cause of the sensitive stomach, it’s important to come up with a solution! Because if cats don’t feel good after they’ve eaten, they could start eating smaller amounts and eating less frequently.

At Portland Pet Food Company, we might have the answer you’ve been looking for! Our wet cat food is great for cats with sensitive stomachs, because it doesn’t have the ingredients that cats often have trouble tolerating.

In our wet cat food, we start by including fresh, whole foods. We use the types of human-grade food that you might feed yourself – such as salmon, chicken, and eggs – and we don’t add much more to our cat food.

For cats with sensitive stomachs, what’s NOT in their food is often what makes the difference between whether they’ll be able to tolerate it.

Healthy, Natural, Limited Ingredient Cat Food

While many well-known brands of cat food have thirty or more ingredients in their wet cat food and dry cat food (check the labels, and you’ll see), our cat food is limited ingredient. We slow-cook our wet cat food in small batches, which helps retain the nutrients of the whole foods we use. We don’t add any synthetics, additives, or vitamin and mineral packs, and we also don’t toss in any preservatives, artificial coloring, rendered foods, or byproducts. Low in phosphorous, the cat food is great for cats who have kidney disease or are prone to getting it. Our cat food is made in the USA, primarily with ingredients that are locally-sourced from the Pacific Northwest, near our headquarters in Portland.

Our Homestyle Meal Flavors:

Our cat food is available in two tasty flavors, both with only 8 ingredients: Chicken N' Pumpkin and Salmon N' Pumpkin

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These food pouches for the cats are wonderful. We have 3 cats and one of them has a very sensitive tummy. This food is gentle on her sensitive stomach, so happy we found a good that she can keep down. Their dog food pouches are great too, we have 3 pups we take the pouches with us on road trips. - Christina F, Verified Customer

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