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Are You Raising a Holistic Pet?

Just like humans, dogs need well-rounded care in order to live a long and healthy life. This National Holistic Pet Day, discover what it means to care for your dog’s holistic health. 

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Defining Holistic

The word holistic refers to a full-circle approach that addresses the health of the pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. 

In terms of medical care, a holistic veterinarian looks at your dog’s diet, exercise, behavior, emotions, and environment — instead of just treating symptoms. 

Natural Remedies Can Prevent Costly Vet Visits

If you eat healthy, wholesome foods, you know how they can help keep other health problems at bay and may even lead to lessened symptoms! When your pet takes similar natural remedies with natural ingredients, it works the same way. Holistic medicine is not about curing symptoms but making your body more capable of warding off illness.

Ask your vet if the following natural remedies may be a good fit for your pet’s ills: 

  • Alfalfa: arthritis and allergies
  • Aloe vera juice: stomach issues, arthritis and more
  • Chamomile: pain and inflammation in the intestines and stomach
  • Echinacea to fight infections and improve the immune system
  • Garlic: a natural antibiotic
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin: arthritis and joint problems, rebuilds cartilage
  • Green tea: immune system aid

A Holistic Pet Has A Holistic Diet 

If we ate only meat and potatoes, or even worse, meat meal and enriched grains, day in and day out for every meal, we’d be missing essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that keep us naturally healthy. The same goes for your pet. 

Use varied pet food based on your veterinarian’s advice to find the right mix of nutrition for your dog. Our meal pouches add moisture and nutrients to kibble, can be served as a stand alone meal or as intermittent soft treats, so your dog can more easily absorb natural vitamins and minerals. 

Take Your Dog Into The Great Outdoors 

Fresh air does us all good! A holistic pet spends time running and playing, preferably outside. Take your pup to a dog park, on a hike (make sure they’re safe!), or on a walk to celebrate National Holistic Pet Day today! 

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